June 2022

Title Preacher Date Scripture Subject

Moses and Elijah
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Charles Lawson 06/22/2022 (WN) Revelation 11:3 The two witnesses and their ministry to The Lamb of God.

Looking at the Cross
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Charles Lawson 06/15/2022 (WN) John 19:31 Looking at the Cross, We Find That It is the Center Point of Everything. Marveling Again at Each Detail of Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection and of the Salvation That He Bought for Us.

The God Who Judges the Nations
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Caleb Wilson 06/08/2022 (WN) Nahum 1:1-2 Look at What the Conditions Were for Manasseh and for Nineveh that Finally Provoked God to Judgment; and O! the Warnings Then (So Applicable Now) of Nations and People Marked by Wicked Counselors, Wicked Deeds, Wicked Offspring; and Societies Where the Children Are the Oppressors and Women Rule Over Them. Note That Judgment Is Not Necessarily Just a Punishment But Can Also Serve as Instruction.

A Good Trip to Haiti
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Tom Berry 06/01/2022 (WN) Hebrews 9:12 Report on His Recent Trip to Haiti: New Improvements at the Children's Home; How God Works in Building the School and the Church and Furthering of the Gospel. Reminders, Too, That More Than Ever It Is the Season to Stand for The Lord, Stay Prayed Up, and to Get Done What Needs to be Gotten Done Because the Time Is Short.

May 2022

The Hand of God, Even When It's Dark
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Charles Lawson 05/25/2022 (WN) Ruth 1:1-5 Ruth Is a Bridge Between Judges and Kings (Indeed, She Became the Great-grandmother of David the King), and Her Story Is an Expression of the Grace of God and the Sovereignty of God in That the Wayward Will of Man Will Never Foil His Objective.

People Whom Jesus Commends
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Charles Lawson 05/18/2022 (WN) Luke 17:18 A Discovery of the Curse Tablet on Mt Ebal Showed the Name of God in Ancient Hebrew Text, Solidifying What The Bible Says. Samaritans Have A Limited Understanding but That Does Not Stop God From Using Them to Serve His Purpose in the New Testament. He Will Receive You If You Come.

Their Manifest Destiny
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Charles Lawson 05/11/2022 (WN) I John 2:20 Great Britain Proudly Displays Their Christian Influence in Their Flag and the Coronation Stone. From This Background They Go On to Spread the Gospel and Conquer For Their Manifest Destiny: They Are Kingdom Builders. A Person's Eschatology Will Determine Their World View Which in Turn Frames Their Course of Action.

The Essence of Life
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Charles Lawson 05/04/2022 (WN) Genesis 1:26 God Made Man in His Own Image and Made Him to Have Dominion Over the Rest of Creation. In This Temporal World, Our Breath Is in Our Nostrils; But for All Eternity--Our Life Will Be the Life of God When We Leave This World.

April 2022

God's Call In Your Life
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Charles Lawson 04/27/2022 (WN) Romans 14:12-13 We As Christians Need to Be Witnesses For God's Word, But Not All In The Same Way. Everyone Has A Personal Gift From God, Your Reason For Being Alive. Discussing the Judgement Seat of Christ and the Marriage Separated Lamb.

Why We Should Look East
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Charles Lawson 04/20/2022 (WN) Matthew 10:5
John 4:4
In These Two Verses, We See How the Bible Can Send Messages to Different People At Different Times. We See a Samaritan Woman At Jacob's Well Being Asked a Significant Question. This Location Has a Plethora of Importance Throughout the Bible. God Has Always Come From the East to West, and Departed West to East.

Your Adversary the Devil, A Roaring Lion
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Charles Lawson 04/13/2022 (WN) John 10:10 Understand: Satan Is Not Afraid of Us. He Was Created Pretty Well Advanced in the Angelic Rankings. More Details in How He Seeks to Ruin Men's Souls. Also, a Sampling of the Hebrew Vocabulary for Lion, the Better to Appreciate the Range of Scriptures that Speak of Lions.

Restoring Jerusalem
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Charles Lawson 04/06/2022 (WN) Nehemiah 2:17 God Put it In the Hearts of Nehemiah, Zerubabel, and Ezra to Restore the Walls of Jerusalem, the Temple, and the Priesthood. They Met Much Opposition but Prevailed Because it Was Accomplished "Not By Might Nor By Power But By My Spirit, Saith the Lord." God Builds His Church in the Same Way. On the Horizon, the Temple Will Be Restored Again - Twice!

March 2022

Allegorical Interpretations
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Charles Lawson 03/30/2022 (WN) Revelation 13:13-18 We Cannot Teach or Preach What is Right in Our Own Eyes. We Have to Search the Scriptures for Truth. Receiving the COVID Vaccinations Are Not the Mark of the Beast. If You are Born Again by the Spirit of God, You Cannot Lose Your Salvation! This and the Flat Earth Doctrine Are a Cause of Confusion Within the Church.

Living On Past Accomplishments
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Charles Lawson 03/23/2022 (WN) Joshua 7:1-10 After Defeating Jericho, Joshua Was Left to Decide on Where to Go Next. He Felt His Victory Over Jericho Would Give Him an Easy Road Through Ai. When That Did Not Come to be He Got Angry with God, Which in Turn Opened His Heart to Talk with God Then God Talked to Him and Deepened Their Fellowship. We Can Still Appropriate the Same Lesson in Our Lives.

Be Wary of False Teachings
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Caleb Wilson 03/16/2022 (WN) Galatians 1:3-8
Galatians 2:15-16
The People of Galatia Were Struggling With Wanting To Go Back To The Law and Live In The Flesh. Therefore, Galatians Is Paul's Polemic Against the Spread of False Teachings in Christianity. In Modern Times, We as Christians Need to Be Aware of the Deceptions Against God. Christianity Has an Abundance of Cult-Like Sects That Spread Misinformation. As a Church, We Need to Be at the Forefront of Talking About Sin and How We Cannot Work Our Way Into the Presence of God.

God Recognizes Obedience
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Charles Lawson 03/09/2022 (WN) Ezekiel 14:14 Three Individuals That Are Notable In the Old Testament For Their Obedience to God Are Noah, Daniel, and Job. Showing Obedience to God Means Trusting and Having Faith In Him. His Righteousness Is Received By Faith and Can Only Be Given As the Gift From God, It Cannot Be Earned.

Written That Ye Might Believe
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Charles Lawson 03/02/2022 (WN) John 20:31 ... And Believing Ye Might Have Life Through His Name. The Very Different Gospel of John Cuts Through Glib, Superficial Bible Studies to Rightly Divide the Word of God: Shedding Light Upon Apparent Contradictions, Revealing Further Progressions of Dispensations, and Honing In on the Marvelous Promise of the Life of Christ Jesus for All Eternity.

February 2022

Where "Our Modern Church" Is Lacking
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Charles Lawson 02/23/2022 (WN) Acts 1:1-6 The Assembly of Those Who Separate Themselves From the World Are What Make the Church. People Must Completely Set Themselves From the Way of The World to Truly Love and Accept Christ. Point-by-Point Contrast of What the Born-Again Christians Actually Need Instead of What it is Served Up in a Typical Big Modern Church (Described in E-mail From December 2020).

The Spirit That Worketh in the Children of Disobedience
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Charles Lawson 02/16/2022 (WN) II Timothy 3:1-5 How Similar Is II Timothy 3:1-5 to Romans Chapter One, But in Timothy--Paul Is Addressing People Who Are Professing Christians! Indeed, Statistics and News Stories Exemplify How Pathetically Immature and Self-absorbed People Are--and Persist in Being. Young People, All People Sorely Need Mature Teachers. Bible Instruction, Sure; But Moreover the Tenacious, Level Witness Who Will Live Out in Public the Christ in Whom They Trust. Suggestion: Read I Corinthians 12 Prayerfully and Consider the Gifts That God Bestows.

This Moment in History
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Charles Lawson 02/09/2022 (WN) Luke 24:44-46
Psalms 23:1-4
The Psalms of The Good, The Great, and The Chief Shepherd; A Dispensational Understanding of Scripture and Events; A Concluding Word About Our Freedom of Speech

First Mention of the Endless Day
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Charles Lawson 02/02/2022 (WN) Genesis 5:1-2 The Genealogy of Adam, Types of the Lord Jesus Christ, What Real Rest Is Like. Jesus Christ and His Bride, a Spiritual Union; and the Converse--Dealing with Demons (Evil Spirits).

January 2022

We Must Decrease
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Charles Lawson 01/26/2022 (WN) II Samuel 4:4 David Was Prophet, Priest, and King. Hebrew Meanings from Historical Places Written Within the Word of God. Analogy Given Which Compares Mephibosheth Sitting at King David's Table to Saved People and Our Kings Table. Even Though We Come as Dead Dogs, Broken and Insignificant. He Will Raise Us Up . He Still Bids Us Come.

We've Lost Sight
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John Beck 01/19/2022 (WN) Matthew 28:19-20
Acts 1:8
When God Calls You, He Will Equip You. The Church Belongs to Christ. God Has Always Been and Still Is Most Ardently Desirous That All Should Be Saved: The Great Commission Is Directed to Every Believer to Carry Out In Some Shape or Form. In Isaiah, God Was Looking For Someone to Send. In Ezekiel, He Looked for Someone to Stand in the Gap....

The Peculiar Book of Acts
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Charles Lawson 01/12/2022 (WN) Acts 2:1-4 Acts Provides Us With an Historical Reference to the Early Church Age. Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, Interprets the Cross of Christ. The Doctrine of the Cross is Not Within the Book of Acts But its Application is Evident in Retrospect. Likewise, "the Blood" and the "Love of God."

Holy Ground and Sterling Character
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Charles Lawson 01/05/2022 (WN) Joshua 2:1 Accounts of the Fall of Jericho and Later Ai, Prefaced by the Spies Visit to Rahab and Compounded by a League with the Gideonites, All Pulled Together For Much More Complete Understanding of People's Actions, God's Judgment, the Meaning of Holy Ground and Examples of Sterling Character.

December 2021

Some of the Kinds of People You'll Find in Church
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Charles Lawson 12/29/2021 (WN) III John 1:9 Quick Roster from Diotrephes to Preachers for Contention; Those Who Are Puffed Up and Those Whose God Is Their Belly. Some Personal Anecdotes for Illustration.

The Birth of Jesus Christ Was On This Wise
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Charles Lawson 12/22/2021 (WN) Matthew 1:18-25 Looking Back We Can Appreciate How God Orchestrated Specific Elements Regarding the Birth of Jesus Christ: The Taxation Which Required Mary and Joseph to Visit Bethlehem; the Absolute Lowliness of Jesus' Birthplace and the People Immediate to His Nativity. The Spirit Within is the Difference Between Quick or Dead. Reading of Letter from Mayfield, KY With Firsthand Experience From the Tragic Tornadoes.

Why the Virgin Birth
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Charles Lawson 12/15/2021 (WN) Matthew 2:1-13 Two Reasons Given Here Why the Virgin Birth Was Absolutely Necessary. One Reason, It Is the Means of Circumventing the Curse of Jeconiah Whose Children Barred from Ever Sitting Upon the Throne of David. A Second Reason, It Is the Means of Circumventing the Inherent Curse of Sin Passed from the First Adam. A Listener's Personal Testimony of How the Lord Is Still Saving Sinners.

The Fullness of Time
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Charles Lawson 12/08/2021 (WN) Luke 2:1-14 In the Fullness of Time, The Express Image of His Person Was Born to a Virgin. There Was a Reason: Why He Became God Incarnate; The Time During History That He Was Born; and Knowledge of the Saviour. At the End of This Age, Satan Will Imitate God's Blessed Event and Will Incarnate Himself into the Antichrist to Become the Son of Perdition. O! Such a Time of Darkness! Let Us Follow the Light that God Has Given Us Now.

God's Light
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Charles Lawson 12/01/2021 (WN) John 10:19-30 Keeping the Light of God Burning in the Temple was a Very Important Responsibility of the Priests. Hanukkah is a Celebration of this Very Thing. Secular Examples Abound in History and in Present Times but for all the Lights Out There, There is Only One True Light.

November 2021

Words or Action
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John Beck 11/24/2021 (WN) John 14:15, 21, 23-24 Jesus Tells Us That If We Love Him, We Will Keep His Commandments and We Will Love Our Brother. Then We Come to Understand That Love Is Just Not Feeling But It is a Commitment: A Decision We Make and Live By. It is Easier to Love Someone Who Expresses Their Love to Us First. But Gods Love is Set Upon Even the Contrary and Ornery. Aren't We Glad?
Living Spiritually
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Charles Lawson

11/17/2021 (WN)

I Corinthians 2:14 "Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing." Revolving Around the Lord Jesus Christ, Focused on Him, Walking in Fellowship with Him--That's What the Spiritual Christian Is All About.
Are You Doing It Your Way?
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Charles Lawson

11/10/2021 (WN)

I Thessalonians 5:23 Because of the New Birth, the Tripartite Nature of Mankind (Body, Soul and Spirit) Is More Evident in the New Testament and Is Significant as It Contrasts With the Duality of Ancient Greek Philosophy and of Pervasive Modern Notions of Strength and Independence. Thus, We Come to Understand What Paul is Really Talking About With His Exhortations Against Carnality and the Fleshly Mind.
The Office of Kinsman-Redeemer
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Charles Lawson

11/03/2021 (WN)

Ruth 4:1-6 Spotlights Are Thrown on Several Passages of Scripture Alluding to the Kinsman-Redeemer for a Greater Appreciation of Those Laws Which God Gave His People and Which Give a Fuller Explanation of What Christ Jesus Our Redeemer Has Done, Not Just for Mankind, But for All Creation.

October 2021

The Source of Life
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Charles Lawson

10/27/2021 (WN)

John 2:11 The Book of John Presents the Lord Jesus Christ in a Different Manner Than the Synoptic Gospels. It Presents the Gift of Life, Deity, Age of Grace and Personal Access to God Through Payment of the Son of God's Blood to Redeem Us. This Gospel Teaches Us That Christ Gives Us Life Through Himself.
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Charles Lawson

10/20/2021 (WN)

Titus 3:4-7 Grace Is a Primary Doctrine Throughout the Bible; Grace Is Equivalent to Gift. Contrast Grace with Law, and Understand the Purpose of the Law. Also, Contrast the More Mature Christian with the Legalist--For Restoration of a Fallen Brother Can Only Be Effected by Ministering the Grace of God.
Receive the Light of the Word
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Charles Lawson

10/13/2021 (WN)

Hebrews 1-3 As the Exact Manifestation of God, Our Saviour.....Man Sees Jesus Who Tasted Death For Every Man....Five Reasons of the Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ...Poem by Mr. Kilpatrick and Mention of William Shatner's Brief Trip Into Outer Space.
The Evident Hand of God
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Charles Lawson

10/06/2021 (WN)

John 11:43 The Gospel of John Was Written That Ye Might Believe, and Every Miracle Is Called a "Sign." Over and Over, Jesus Spoke to the Convicting Power of Wondrous Acts He Has Performed and the Contrasting Hardness of Some People's Hearts. And Nowadays, Even as Evil and Unbelief Proliferate, Comes New Corroboration of Something Like a Meteor Cloud Burst That Could Explain the Documentation of an Event Involving Enormous Heat in a Location That Is Credibly the Ancient Site of Sodom and Gomorrah.

September 2021

Our Higher Power
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Charles Lawson

09/29/2021 (WN)

Acts 9:1-2 Saul the Persecutor Became Paul the Apostle and God Inspired Him to Write the Doctrine of the Cross. Our God Was Before All Things, Is the Creator of All Things and By Him All Things Consist. Nothing Can Separate Us From His Love. Moreover, We Have Assurance, That God Can and Does Take Things Meant for Evil to Accomplish His Good.
The Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living
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Charles Lawson

09/22/2021 (WN)

Psalms 27:13 In This Psalm Is David's Perspective and Choice to Go With God. Contrast That with the Life of Karl Marx* Who Went Away From God [credit, "Way of Life" Website by David Cloud]. Observation of the Evils That Attend Communism and Marxism; List of Some of the Causes That Push Folks to Commit Suicide--Then: Reassurance of From Scripture (Romans 8), How Much God Loves Us and How Able He Is.
Elias Coming
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Charles Lawson

09/15/2021 (WN)

Luke 1:5-19 God's People Understood From Prophesies of Old That Elias Will Precede the Coming of the Lord. They Did Not Accept That John the Baptist Could Have Stood in as Elias. So Elias is Still Coming. Compellingly, His Ministry Will Wait Until the Two Witnesses Prophesy Mid-Tribulation in the City of Jerusalem.
The Humanity of Christ
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Charles Lawson

09/08/2021 (WN)

John 11:35 The Shortest Verse in the Bible Epitomizes the Humanity of Christ Where the Man, Christ Jesus--Though God and All-knowing, Experienced the Sorrow of a Losing a Loved One. Feeling as We Feel Served to Further Equip the Lord Jesus in His Office of Our High Priest. Mention of Loses Preacher and Others in our Church Have Been Through (BJ McCloud This Past Monday).
The Privileges of Israel
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Charles Lawson 09/01/2021 (WN)

Genesis 49:22
Judges 9:7-15

Joseph Is the Fruitful Bough; the Allegory of the Trees; Israel's Return to Be the Spiritual Head of the Nations.

August 2021

The Enmity Betwixt the Two Seeds
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Charles Lawson 08/25/2021 (WN) Genesis 3:15 God Declared to Satan Right Away That He Was Going to Send a Saviour, So Over and Over Again Satan Tried to Thwart That Promise--Most Viciously of All at the Culmination of Jesus' Sacrifice: At Gethsemane, On Calvary, and In Death. Satan Still Slogs On--Seeking to Destroy or Nullify the Body of Christ Present on Earth.
Non-Negotiable Foundational Truths
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Charles Lawson 08/18/2021 (WN) Romans 4:3-5 Being Free From Sins of Thought, Word, Deed and Omission Will Not Save Us and Get Us to Heaven.The Lord Jesus Christ is Our Salvation. Sealing as It Is Used in Regard: to Salvation; to Mark a Person; the Seal of Redemption; and Being Sealed by the Holy Spirit (Which Is the Earnest of Our Inheritance).
Don't Be Devoured
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Charles Lawson 08/11/2021 (WN) Ezekiel 28:11-15 Lucifer, the Anointed Cherub That Covereth, Is As a Roaring Lion Seeking to Devour By Undermining Your Faith in God. The All-Important Test For the Right Spirit is That God Was Manifest in the Flesh. Know Too That The Afflictions That We Endure Are The Same for Everybody.
Preservation of the Word of God
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Charles Lawson 08/04/2021 (WN) Acts 8:29-30 In Any New Testament Book, There is Enough of the Death, Burial and Resurrection To Lead You to Christ. The Prophecy of the Coming of the Lord is Included Within Each Chapter of I Thessalonians.

July 2021

Revival, Day 4
The Distinct Difference of Divine Deliverance

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Mike Sage 07/28/2021 (WN) Numbers 13:33

Don't Follow God Partially - Follow Fully, Faithfully and Fearlessly. Joshua and Caleb Had a Distinct Difference in Their Spirit as They Were Wholly Sanctified. Stand With Him and He Will Stand With Us. We Are of the Word, Not of the World. He Will Bring Us All the Way Through.
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Blessings From Rendings
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Charles Lawson 07/21/2021 (WN) Matthew 26:63-65 When the High Priest Confronted Jesus Christ About His Identity, He Rent His Garment For the Response Christ Gave. Unheard of. But, as a Result, A Blessing to All Who Come to Jesus. Other Rendings Mentioned in Scripture: Christ's Side, the Veil, Rocks, Eastern Sky and Our Hearts. Mention of Joni Eareckson Tada.
Rahab's Choice
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Charles Lawson 07/14/2021 (WN) Joshua 2:1-7 Though All the People of Jericho Feared the Hebrews and Their God, Rahab Took the Steps Necessary to Accept and to Receive the Lord Their God (God in Heaven Above and in Earth Beneath). And Another Example Here and Now in the Testimony of a Man Whom God Found in the Midst of His Darkness and Drew Him Step by Step to Himself.
The Serpent
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/07/2021 (WN) Genesis 3:1 Satan, as the Nahash and Other Manifestations, Uses Tactics to Attack Our Faith and Drive a Wedge in our Relationship With God. Pastor Provides Counsel in Dealing With Satan. The Five Castings Down of Satan Mentioned Within the Bible.

June 2021

Life Is In The Blood
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[~17 min. dead air cut out of middle, beginning at 0:04:23 timemarker]

Charles Lawson 06/30/2021 (WN) Genesis 9:3-4 The Blood is the Atonement for the Soul. Points Presented From M.R. DeHaan's Book, Chemistry of the Blood. Pastor Shared With Us a Revelation From the Lord for People Struggling With Prayer or Their Walk With God. (See Also SS 07/04/21. Some of this material was repeated there.)
The Mystery of the Day of Christ
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Charles Lawson 06/23/2021 (WN) I Corinthians 15:51-54 We Are Living, in These Days, as it Was in the Days of Lot and of Noah. The Second Coming of the Lord is Drawing Near but First the Mystery of the Rapture! When We Shall Not all Sleep but Shall be Changed. Look for That Blessed Hope and Be Ready - Watching For Him.
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Charles Lawson

06/16/2021 (WN)

Genesis 3:8-10 God Gives Us Many Different Types of Invitations and Approaches Throughout the Whole Word of God. Come Unto Him, Thirst for God, Keep Your Soul Longing for the Living God and Come Boldly Before the Throne of Grace. As the Last Invitation in the Book of Revelation, "Come..."
Preach the Word
-audio mp3-
Ronnie Crain

06/09/2021 (WN)

II Timothy 4:1-2 As Paul Expressed to Timothy to Preach the Word, This Preacher Shared Opportunities That He Had Been Given During His 31-Year Ministry. He Also Expressed His Admiration to Adoniram Judson (Missionary to Burma), to Billy Sunday and to Their Unwavering Faith and Obedience to Our Lord and Saviour. Whatsoever He Leadeth You to Do--Do It.
The Man of Character
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

06/02/2021 (WN)

II Samuel 11:6-12 Uriah, the Hittite Was Treated Treacherously by King David. He Was a Soldier That We Can Learn From. Uriah Was an Honorable, Obedient, Conscientious, and Obedient to Death. A Touch on the Chinese Plague and the Government's Precursor for the Mark of the Beast.

May 2021

The Question? of Eternal Security
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

05/26/2021 (WN)

Matthew 10:22-23 Studying "Ambiguous" Scriptures in Their Proper Context So As To Understand That These Folks That "Turn" and Are "Lost" Are Not Lost Because of Sins They Have Committed But Because They Were Introduced or Professed Jesus Then Turned from Their Saviour. This Is Not a Danger to Anyone Born Again, But Can Apply the Hebrews in the Early Church or Those Who Will Live in the Tribulation.
Royalty by Choice -audio mp3- Charles Lawson

05/19/2021 (WN)

Matthew 1:1-6 Matthew Gives Us Jesus' Genealogy of Royalty, but There Is No Bloodline in It. By Choice People Become a Part of God's Kingdom, Such as Rahab the Harlot and Ruth the Moabitess. Everywhere the Cross Has Been Preached, Lives Are Drastically Changed. People Believe and Consciously Act to Serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve.
Both Sides of David
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

05/12/2021 (WN)

I Samuel 13:14 David, We Know, Was Not a Perfect Man. And This Is a Great Consolation to Any Who May Also Have Committed Heinous Offenses. But David's Inner Life, Revealed in Psalms, and Other Declarations of His Character--His Courage, Spiritual Discernment, Personal Knowledge of Forgiveness, and Absolute Willingness to Put Himself in the Hand of God Above Any Other--That Is What Makes Him a Man After God's Own Heart.
Making Wise Decisions in the Will of God
-audio mp3-
Keith Tekell

05/05/2021 (WN)

Proverbs 3:5-8 Admonition From the Speaker That It Is Vital to Stay in the Will of God; to be Dedicated to God and His Word; to Pray in All Situations and Decisions; Trust God Alone; and Seek Wise Counsel. He Shares His Personal Experience With Corrie Ten Boom. Her Advice: "Trust Him in Everything and Hold Everything Loosely". There is No Confusion in Peace.

April 2021

The Adoption
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

04/28/2021 (WN)

Galatians 4:1-7 Detailed Explanation of the Born-Again Believer's Advancement from Saved State to Adoption as a Son and Heir.
Serve the Lord By Faith, Not Understanding
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

04/21/2021 (WN)

I Kings 17:1-7 Outsiders Were Receptive to the Lord Jesus Christ and Received Him Willingly. Get the Victory and Come With a Spirit of Thankfulness and Thanksgiving. Be Receptive to Receive Him. He's Won the Victory and Has Defeated the Enemy Already.
Did Not [Do Not] Like to Retain God
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

04/14/2021 (WN)

Job 7:20-21;13:26 Both Job and Abraham Were Concerned About the Issue of Sin. Four Things God Taught Abraham When He Tested Him at the Top of Moriah; and in Many Things He Would Instruct Everybody Except They Turn From Him, and He Gives Them Up (and Again) Until He Gives Them Over to a Reprobate Mind. We War Not So Much Against the Flesh But the Spirit (of Antichrist) That's Behind It.
God Leaves Himself a Witness
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

04/07/2021 (WN)

Genesis 12:1 Even Though Melchizedek Was Already in the Land of Mt. Moriah and Had the Ancient Knowledge of God, God Revealed Himself to Abram to Come Out of the Land of Ur To Be A Witness Unto Him. Mention of a Couple of Principles (in Deut. 9:5 and Gen. 11:27) Which Help Us to Understand God's Ways.

March 2021

Teachings of the Passover
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

03/31/2021 (WN)

Genesis 15:10-21 Following the Thread of Events Which God Purposed from His Land Grant to Israel; Israel's Sojourn in and Deliverance from Egypt by the Blood of the Passover Lamb; Institution of the Lord's Supper; and Eastertime and Resurrection Morn.
The Forbidden Chapter
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/24/2021 (WN) Isaiah 53:1-4 At Mt. Sinai, God Gave Moses Both the Written and the Oral Law; Yet, Most Jews Are Unfamiliar With the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah And That It is Found in Their Tenakh. When Jesus' Teaching Incited Aggression in Those of the Jewish Religion, He Switched to Parables So That Those Which Would Hear, Could Understand and Believe.
Jews Long For Their Messiah
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/17/2021 (WN) Matthew 16:13-16

God Instructed His People to Keep His Word Before Them with Phylacteries and Tefillin and Tzitzit, and Religiously, They Did. But Mostly, Their Preconceptions Darkened Their Understanding of Jesus: His Person, His Mission, His Sacrifice; and Lead Them Going After False, Self-Proclaimed Messiahs: Bar Kakhba, For Just One Example.

God-Centered View of Life
-audio mp3-
Caleb Wilson 03/10/2021 (WN) Psalms 127:1-5 Let Christ Build the House. All the Building We Can Do is Vanity. If You're Sorrowed or Stressed (or Even If You're Not), Meditate on the Love of God. Jesus' Walk on This Earth Was to Please the Father. It Must Be Our Everything to Live for God!
The Book of James
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/03/2021 (WN) James 1:1 Addressed to "the Twelve Tribes Scattered Abroad," But Filled With Practical Words For Every Believer of Every Age. Spotlight on the End of the Book Which Speaks to Fellowship and Effective Prayer. Suggested Prayer for America, or At Least for This Church (and Other True Churches).

February 2021

The Heart of the Earth
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/24/2021 (WN) Revelation 13:1 The Bible Speaks Several Times of the Lower Parts of the Earth. Even Physicists Are Rethinking the Idea of a Molten Core at Its Center. The Evil Which Surrounds Us Brought the Psalmist to Say That He Would Have Fainted Except He Had Looked for the Goodness of God. Be Prepared to Leave This Earth!
Revival in Corinth -audio mp3- Charles Lawson 02/17/2021 (WN) II Corinthians 7:8 By a Letter (and the Power of the Word of God), Paul Brought the Church at Corinth to Godly Sorrow, Which Lead to Repentance, Which Produced Renewed Life.
Perfecting His Salvation
-audio mp3-
David Pressley 02/10/2021 (WN) I Peter 5:1-10 Peter Exhorts Us to Feed the Flock and to Become Humble; to be Established, Strengthened and Settled....The Speaker Shares His Testimony of Coming Through Religion Unto Salvation.
Lord, Remember Me
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/03/2021 (WN) Luke 23:33-43 One Man Had a Dying Glimpse of the Nature of God and It Resulted in a "Deathbed" Conversion. Jesus Answered Not a One of the Hateful Railers, But to the Pleading Thief on the Cross Beside Him, Jesus Gave Instant Reassurance: "To Day Thou Shalt Be With Me in Paradise."

January 2021

True Faith in God
-audio mp3-
Lucas Hickman 01/27/2021 (WN) Revelation 1:8-11 What Do We, as Christians, Focus On? Do We Let the Distractions of This World Draw Us Away? Reach Out to Others About Christ and Focus on Being With God Every Moment With Pure Thoughts and Allow His Sufficiency to Reign.
Communication From God
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/20/2021 (WN) Genesis 4:25-26 God Loves People and Would That All People Would Know Him. So He Not Only Gives Evidence of Himself, He Sends Out His Word into All the World, Long Before Scripture Was Written Down. His Invitation Is So Broad That--Whosoever Shall Call Upon His Name Shall Be Saved.
Progressing Through Romans
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/13/2021 (WN) Romans 1:21-28 The Apostle Paul Leads Us From the Rejection of The Truth in Chapter 1 to Victory Over Everything Through the Love of God in Chapter 8. Chapters 9-16, the Scripture Opens Up Spiritually Dealing With Salvation, the Character of God, Our Walk With God, Practical Teachings, Growth in the Lord, and Practical Teachings for Us.
The Book of Acts, Full of Action
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/06/2021 (WN) Acts 1:1-2 Fierce Persecution Beset the Church from Its Start, But Empowered by the Holy Ghost, It Did Not Die; But, Rather, Prospered (as It Always Will). Vexation at the Hand of Herod--Contrast What God Allowed for Two Different Members of Jesus' Inner Circle.

December 2020

Love Covereth All Sins
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/30/2020 (WN) Proverbs 17:22 The Song of Solomon is the Book of Love Showing Us the Highest and Deepest Heart of God. The Old Testament Prophets Tell Us to Love With an Everlasting Love, and to Do Justice and to Love Mercy. Such as God's Love That Even When We Are Useless, He Will Accept Us.
The True Gift
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/23/2020 (WN) Matthew 2:1-2 As the Magi Came Bearing Gifts for the King of Kings, God has Given Us a Gift That is Not Deserved and Cannot be Earned. Receive His Gift of Eternal Life Freely.
Jesus Was Born
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/16/2020 (WN) Matthew 2:1-2 Details of Christ Jesus' Birth Offer Much Context But Also Beg Many Questions and Have Fostered Myriad Traditions (Sometimes a Source of Contention). Sidebars, Also, on Types of Governments and Political Parties; Concluding With the Suggestion That Along with the Hoopla, This Season Might Provoke Some People to Investigate the Fundamental Reason That Christians Celebrate.
Demonic Era
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/09/2020 (WN) Matthew 2:1-2 When Christ Was Born, the World Was Governed by the Fourth World Power Prophesied in Daniel. Rome Never Has Gone Out of Power; Just Shifted to All Religious Rather Than Political. And at This Time, It Is Down to the Feet (Iron Mixed with Clay--a Mysterious State). O! How Sorely We Need the Lord, to be IN HIM, In Fellowship (What a Privilege!)
We Will Meet Again
-No Audio Only-
Charles Lawson 12/02/2020 (WN) Isaiah 63:9-10 Pastor Lawson Shares the Passing of a Precious Brother, Fellow Preacher, Wise Youth Leader and Pillar Within Our Church. Brothers and Sisters Share Love and Memories For Him.

November 2020

No Live Service   11/25/2020 (WN)   Rebroadcast of Observations on Thanksgiving by Pastor Charles Lawson from November 14, 2018
No Live Service   11/18/2020 (WN)   Rebroadcast of Tracing the Mark of the Cross by Eric Nafziger- from SN 08.02.2020
Who Is This Man?
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/11/2020 (WN) Matthew 13:53-58 Looking Beyond the Religions and Prejudices and Shades of Personal Experience to Come to Know Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, by Revelation from the Father Himself. It is the Only Way to Know Him Truly and Rightly.
Where Are We Today?
-audio mp3-
Samuel Keith 11/04/2020 (WN) Luke 10:30-37 Are We Religious Pharisees? Compassion Was Extended to the Samaritan and to Mephibosheth. God's Character is Forgiving, Compassionate, Full of Grace, and Saves to the Uttermost. Do we Testify to the Hearts of the Lost? Do We Restore One Another? Ask the Lord Jesus Christ for Revival and Depend on His Finished Work of His Cleansing Blood. Seek His Face Today.

October 2020

Making an Impact
-audio mp3-
Lucas Hickman 10/28/2020 (WN) Isaiah 6:8 A High School Senior Draws an Analogy Between Playing on His School's Soccer Team and Fighting the Relentless Evil That Surrounds (and Would Smother) Us. At All Costs, Stand For and Defend Your Faith. Tips on How to Be Prepared for the Mission at Hand.
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/21/2020 (WN) Titus 1:10-16 True Marks of Character Include: Your Word; Your Responsibility to Others; Whom You Fear (Fear God and Him Alone); What You Are Thankful For; and Trustworthiness
To Know Him Is to Fellowship with Him
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/14/2020 (WN) Numbers 14:1 We Are Forced to Discern Scripture [Rightly] or We'll Wind Up Disappointed in God Because We've Misunderstood His Character. To Know God's Character Is the Only Way That You Can Fellowship With Him.
Totalitarian Control
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/07/2020 (WN) Daniel 12:1-4 An Increase in World Knowledge Will Bring Means for Control. Study Was Presented that Lists Twelve Steps That Could Lead the World Into a Totalitarian One World Government Utilizing Control. This Election is Very Important. The Left Are Trying to Change and Add Policies Which Are Detrimental to the Existence of America. We Need to Pray!

September 2020

No Recordings   09/30/2020 (WN)   Outside Service tonight. Did livestream two messages from March 2020, but did not post that livestreaming.
Psalm of the Good Shepherd
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/23/2020 (WN) Psalm 22:1, 22 Two Separate Examples of Other Gods Being Given Non-stop Worship, While Our God Describes Himself as the Good Shepherd (Giving His Life for His Sheep), the Great Shepherd, and the Chief Shepherd. Despite the Myriad and Multiplying Uncertainties of Current Events, Keep Looking for the Imminent and Glorious Return of Our Lord Jesus [Lord of Lords and King of Kings]. No Fear for Us in Him.
No Recordings   09/16/2020 (WN)   Outside Service in Honor of Preacher Lawson's Birthday. Did livestream messages from April 2020, but did not post that livestreaming.
Three Enemies of Israel
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/09/2020 (WN) Genesis 36:12 Amalek, Old Enemy of Opportunity, Preys on Weakness. Babylon, Enemy of Intellectualism, Incites Confusion. Egypt, Enemy of Bondage and Oppression--God Judged Their gods by the Power of [the] Blood.
Say It One More Time
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/02/2020 (WN) I Timothy 1:12-15 Pastor Shared a Portion of His Testimony, What He Has Learned, and His Excitement on the Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. Ministries of Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, J. Harold Smith, Harold B. Sightler, and John Wesley

August 2020

Get As Much Truth As You Want
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/26/2020 (WN) Acts 10:1-4 A Run Down of People in Scripture Who Fell Short in One Way or Another--Yet Are Notable for Their Service to the Lord. You Must Accept Every Truth About Jesus or You Don't Receive Him at All. Conversely, You'll Never Have a Relationship With the Lord Unless You Are Honest [With Him]. Quick Review of Stories Behind Some Familiar Songs.
He Is the Manifest Word
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/19/2020 (WN) John 1:1 The Book of John Brings Out the Deity of Christ. All Judgment is Given to Christ and as the Manifest Word of God, He Judges Us Just by Being Present, Forcing the Choice of What Are You Going to Do With Him? Significance of Olive Tree, Fig Tree, and Vine Tree.
This Testimony, That He Pleased God
-audio mp3-
Ronnie Crain 08/12/2020 (WN) Hebrews 11:5 Extra-Biblical Examples of Believers Whose Lives Surely Pleased God as They Greatly Influenced Contemporaries and Inspire Us Even Still: Polycarp, Hugh Latimer, Fanny Crosby.
The Power of the Word of God
-audio mp3-
John Beck 08/05/2020 (WN) Hebrews 1:1-2 We Need to Hear, Receive and Believe the Word of God. He Guides Us in All Truth Through His Holy Spirit. The Story of the Woman at the Well Shows the Power of Witnessing and Moreover the Greater Power of the Words of Jesus Himself.

July 2020

God's Purpose in Judgments of Famine
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/29/2020 (WN) Ruth 1:1-2 God's Ultimate Purpose in the Famine That Drove Naomi's Family from Israel to Moab, Then Drew Ruth from Her Moabite Homeplace into the Land and to the God of Israel. For Our Time of Famine, Absolute Assurance That the Church Will Make It Through.
Glorify God
-audio mp3-
Ronnie Crain 07/22/2020 (WN) Philippians 1:20-21 The Apostle Paul Continued Stephen's Boldness in His Preaching. Our Lives Should Glorify God Every Day; Fellowship Through the Holy Spirit; Fearless Through Persecution; Never Quit. Obey God Rather Than Man. Let Go and Then Let God. Are You Satisfied With Yourself?
Many Need to Find Out They're Lost
-audio mp3-
David Pressley 07/15/2020 (WN) Philippians 1:21 Folks Are Out There Looking For Something Else, But Are Needing Jesus. Or They Are Banking On a Momentary Emotional Rush, Allowing That Was Their Salvation. Comparing Themselves With Themselves--They Figure They're Not As Bad. (They Probably Don't Even Qualify as Sinners.) Then... There Are the Right Steps, Such As Paul Took.
Genuine Religion, Faith, and Wisdom
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/08/2020 (WN) James 1:1-8 James Is a Little Book, But Eminently Practical--Explaining from Scripture and by Logic How We Ought to Show Our Faith Before Others and Prove It to Ourselves, Thereby Demonstrating the Difference Between the Born-Again Saint and Every Detestable Demon in Existence.
Tactics of the Opposition.
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/01/2020 (WN) Ezra 4:1 Each of the Prophets Returning to the Holy Land Were Met by Enemies and Detractors Who Would Resist Them and Attempt to Thwart Them. Then Ezra, in Chapter 8, Beginning in Verse 22. Tells How He and His Band Overcame the Opposition by Putting into Practice--Not Presumptuously, But by the Most Solemn Sincerity--the Promises of God Upon Which They Rested.

June 2020

Paul, An Apostle...
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/24/2020 (WN) Galatians 1:1 Paul's Distinct Origin and Background and Calling Set Him Apart for the Gentiles to Whom He Was Particularly Sent and Prepared Him to Face Down Certain Conflicts with Judaizers and Dissemblers.
This Beginning of Miracles
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/17/2020 (WN) John 2:1-4 It Is Well-Known That Turning Water to Wine Was the First of the Jesus' Sign Miracles. Greater Appreciation for the Significance of That Sign by Running References on New Wine/Old Bottles, the Vine/Fruit of the Vine, the Vineyard. Blessings--and Counterfeits.
Restoring the Brethren
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/10/2020 (WN) Galatians 6:1 It Takes a Gentle Spirit When Restoring a Brother/Sister That Has Been Overtaken in a Fault. We Must Minister With a Gentle Spirit, Remind Them of God's Constant Love, and Be Mindful of Ourselves Lest We Also Be Tempted. What it Means to be Walking in the Light.

A Charge to Thee
-audio mp3-

John Beck 06/03/2020 (WN) II Timothy 3:1 Timothy, Having Been Raised Under the Word of the Lord, Was Well Prepared to Evangelize When Urgently Encouraged by Paul Because of the Imminently Perilous Times.

May 2020

Fellowship With The Father
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 05/27/2020 (WN)

Matthew 7:6
I John 1:1-10

What Is Righteousness (What Someone Did) and What Is Holiness (Where You Are) and How Righteousness Is All Tied Up With Fellowship with The Father. Prayer Is the Second Component (First to be Assaulted by Satan) to Fellowship--Different From Just Talk. Lastly--Love.

Face to Face with God
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 05/20/2020 (WN) Genesis 32:1 Jacob--Returning to the Promised Land, Facing His Brother That He'd Wronged--Feared Retribution at His Hand. But Jacob Humbled Himself, and Earnestly Prayed. Then He Wrestled with the Angel and Was Given God's Blessing in His Own Right, Signified by a New Name.

Growing In Grace and Knowledge
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 05/13/2020 (WN) II Peter 1:13-16
II Peter 1:4-21

Exhortation Not to Be Unteachable, to Keep Growing and Building: "Adding to" Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, and On Up. Point to the Word of God, the Light in a Dark Place and a More Sure Word of Prophecy, ...Until the Day Dawn....

This Age of Deceit
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 05/06/2020 (WN) II Thessalonians 2:1-12

Rampant Rumors Leave Us All in a State of Confusion. We Can Offer Many and Varied Suggestions as to Who Is Actively Manipulating and, Most Telling, Why? To What End? Bottom Line: Trust Jesus. He May Not Give Us Explanations, But Be It Resolved: Go On With God.

April 2020

His Mind In You
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 04/29/2020 (WN) Philippians 2:5-11 Although Almighty and All-Knowing and Creator-Owner of All, Jesus Came Among Men as One Lowly, Penniless, as a Servant, Who Lived Among the Common Folk. And in This Way, by His Utter Submission and Obedience to the Father, He Showed to All What Is the Mind of God.
How the Apostate Misses Salvation
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/22/2020 (WN) I Peter 1:1-2 Talk About Salvation--the New Birth and the Saved Life Because of Christ Jesus' Intercession. Then, Contrast with the Apostate and the Powerful Analogy by John Phillips of the Believer/Apostate to Ruth and Orpah.
Second Argument for Pre-Trib Rapture
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/15/2020 (WN) Isaiah 6:9 Interwoven With the First Argument Presented Last Week, This Line of Reasoning Centers on God's People, the Jews: How They Reject Jesus As Their Messiah and So He Blinds Them (and Turns to the Gentiles), and the Jewish People as a Nation Will Not Know Jesus as Their Messiah Until He Visits Them During the Tribulation. THEN Salvation Will Roar Out of Zion. But That Is a Different Dispensation, and the Saved Will Have to Endure to the End--As Is Pictured in the Parable About the Five Wise and Five Foolish Virgins.
Just One Argument for Pre-Trib Rapture
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 04/08/2020 (WN) Malachi 4:4 Factor In That Moses and Elijah Will Be Present Before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. The Day of the Lord Has to Do with the House of Israel as a Corporate Body. Because the Jews Rejected Jesus as Their Messiah, the Church and Age of Grace and Body of Christ Came About, As Did the Mystery of the Rapture--That We Are Saved from the Wrath of the Lamb Which Comes in the Time of Jacob's Trouble (the Tribulation). Also, Words Regarding a Proper, Godly Response to the Social Constrictions of These Disastrous Times.
Let the Lord Be Your Fear
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/01/2020 (WN) Isaiah 8:1-4 The Civil War in Israel, Prophesies through Isaiah (He and the Children the Lord Gave Him for Signs and Wonders, v.18).... Both Sides Feared the Assyrians When They Should Have Been Fearing God. And Advice Was Sought from Familiar Spirits and Wizards Instead of Trusting in Almighty God Who Hold the Future.

March 2020

Job's Redeemer
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/25/2020 (WN) Job 19:22-27 Job's Redeemer Is Our Redeemer and The One Who Bought Back Our Inheritance Which Adam Lost. Job's Daysman Is Our Mediator; He Who Pleads with God on Job's Behalf Is Our Advocate. And Jesus Is the Surety of a Better Testament. Job Understood Man's Relationship with God, and He Came to Know Even Better.
Faith In God
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/18/2020 (WN) Genesis 18:25 We Can Depend Upon the Character of God: God Can Do Nothing But Right. And at the Appointed Time, Every Human Who Ever Lived Will Face The Almighty God as The Righteous Judge. Would That These Perilous Times Will Compel Young People--All People--to Soberly Consider Life Beyond the Next Party.
Lamb of God
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/11/2020 (WN) John 1:29 People go to Hell for Rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ. He Reproves the World of Its Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment. The Lamb of God Earned the Right to Judge all Mankind. He is the Son of God. How Simple the Way and Means of Salvation Is.
The Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/04/2020 (WN) John 16:13-14 How It Is That the Holy Spirit Guides You to All Truth, Shows You Things to Come, and Glorifies the Son of God. He Is Also Called the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Light, Spirit of the Glory of God.... Many More, and Mention, Too, of the Eternal Purpose of God. In Summary, the Godhead Produces Everything We Need. Again, the Wisdom of God Is Seeing Things As He Sees Them.

February 2020

The Thief on the Cross
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 02/26/2020 (WN) Matthew 27:38-44 After Reviling and Mocking the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross, One of the Thieves Being Crucified Along With Our Saviour Begins to Listen, Which Opens the Door Into His Heart, and He Confesses to His Just Condemnation. He Hails the Saviour as His Own and Joins Him in Paradise That Very Day! All We Need is the Holy Son of God. O, That Other Wretched Sinners Would Listen to His God's Word.
The Goel (Kinsman-Redeemer)
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 02/19/2020 (WN) Job 19:22-27 In the Midst of His Distress and Grief, Job Called for Help by Several Different Offices: Goel, Daysman, Advocate, Surety.... Jesus Is All of These for Us; and God in Us Should Be Abundantly Apparent to Anybody.
Finding the Wisdom of God
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 02/12/2020 (WN) Luke 2:41-52 Mary and Joseph Lost Track of the Child Jesus, age 12, and Found Him in the Temple Expounding the Wisdom of God to the Doctors of Law. Likewise, Even His Disciples (Such as We are) Must be Careful to Ensure That Jesus is Indeed in Our Company (When we Think He is), and We Can Look to Him to See Things as God Sees Them for the Purpose that God Has - Which is the Wisdom of God.
Coming Back Around to Babylon
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 02/05/2020 (WN) Genesis 10:6-10 The Cradle of Civilization and Ground Zero for Mankind's Corporate Snubbing of God and Reaching Instead for the Stars and Beyond Under the Commanding Leadership of Nimrod. That's Where We Started; From There the Father of the Faithful Was Call Out; Back to There Is Where the Earth Is Headed.

January 2020

-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 01/29/2020 (WN) Ezekiel 28:14-19 The Anointed Cherub Became the One that Tempts, Accuses, Brings a Facade of Religion, Causes Ill-Intentions, Robs Us of Conviction, and Sifts Us, etc. Go to Peniel and Meet With God Because He Loves Us. Don't Wait for God to Chasten Us. Satan Gradually Falls From the Third Heaven and Ends Up Cast Into the Lake of Fire. Do You Want to Be There?
God vs Satan
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/22/2020 (WN) Genesis 3:1

Why Is Satan Allowed to Exist? For All of Satan's Accusations and Machinations, God Uses Satan. And God Gets the Glory from It.

-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/15/2020 (WN) John 1:6 Word Study on "Sent"; List of Eight Who Bore Witness of Jesus... Jesus Who Is: "The Very Essence of God Became the Essence of Sin That We Might Become the Righteousness of God In Him."
When God Speaks to God
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/08/2020 (WN) John 17:1 The Son Speaks to the Father, and the Father Speaks to the Son. And in Genesis, All the Godhead Speaks Among Themselves. Also, an Appreciation of the Chapter Divisions of Isaiah.
The Fundamental Top 500