November 2018






The Truth of Who Christ Is
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Charles Lawson 11/11/18 (SS)

John 1-1
John 8:58

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Foundation That Holds Us Together. Apologetics Defend the Faith and Polemics Counter Other Beliefs. Gnosticism of Various Forms is Both Ancient and Present Today and Has Confounded the World Through a Variety of Teachings (i.e., Notavitch's Controversial Teachings in the 1800's, Jehovah Witness, Mormons, Arianism, Unification Church, Christian Science, New Age, etc.)

The Rise of the Global Church of Lucifer
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Charles Lawson 11/04/18 (SS) John 3:19 A Treatise From Linda Kimball's Work With Quotes From James Webb and G.H. Pember. The World/Church is in a Rebellion Against God. Satan is Drawing His Leaders Into the Global Church Now. The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Teaches Super Apostles Who are Super Spirits Belonging to Satan.

October 2018

Giants Are For Killing
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David Vallance 10/28/18 (SS) Daniel 2 Giants Are Mentioned in the Old Testament. Every Time the Jews Faced the Giants, They Faced the Goddess Astara. An Enumeration of Technologies and Trends That Scream How Near to the End We Are.
Dispensations #3: Spiritual Powers
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Charles Lawson 10/21/18 (SS)   A Summation From a Goddess Web Site. Satan is the God of This World. Spiritual Powers Have Authority on this Earth. Gnostics will Bring in Confusion into the Church Through the Gnostic Emotion and the Church will Receive it.
Dispensations #2: Gnosticism In The Church
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Charles Lawson 10/14/18 (SS) Isaiah 6:9-10 In 90AD, Gnosticism Was Starting to Take Hold in the Church. John Deals With Them in the Book of John and I John. Some of Their Beliefs Include: Man Has a Spark of Divinity; a Universal Life Force; Man Reaches Godhood; Believe in Initiation; and Duelism.
Dispensational Sense
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Charles Lawson 10/07/18 (SS) Matthew 15:24- Liberals Love the Sermon on the Mount Because It Pushes a Passive Church, "Going Along to Get Along," Rather Than the Church Militant Spotlighting Sin in the World and Eveyone's Need for a Saviour. Also, the Infusion of Gnosticism into Judaism and Christianity....

September 2018

The Longsuffering of God Is Now Exhausted
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David Vallance 09/30/18 (SS) Revelation 16:1-21 When God's Longsuffering Is Exhausted: Revelation 16 Is For The Lost That Accept the Mark of the Beast. The Seven Vials Are God's Judgment. How Will We Stand Before God During Our Judgment? Will We be Clothed or Naked? Are We Ready?
Principalities and Powers in High Places
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David Vallance 09/23/18 (SS) Ephesians 6:12 Opposing Spirits Desire to Rule the World. Be Prepared for Battle Using the Seven Spiritual Armors. Judgment IS Coming. Be Prepared. Mention of Watchers and Holy Ones Who Dealt With Nebuchadnezzar and Armies Such as Battled for Elisha and for Modern Day Israel.
Heart of the Pauline Epistles - #3, Oral Traditions
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Charles Lawson 09/16/18 (SS) Acts 28:23-28 The Church is Jew and Gentile Equally.Israel is Blinded as a Corporate Body. Because of Jewish Oral Traditions, They Preferred Their Interpretations to the Plain Sense of the Scriptures. "Special Knowledge" is Used as a Method Introducing Heresy. Paul Warns Galatians Not to be "Foolish" in the Same Way.
Heart of the Pauline Epistles - #2, Galatians and Colossians
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Charles Lawson 09/09/18 (SS) Galatians 1:1 Paul, the Apostle Called to Write Most of the New Testament: He Developed the Doctrine of the Cross and Preached the Gospel of the Grace of God. Colossians Was Written to Lift up the Essence and Law of God and to Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ.
Heart of the Pauline Epistles - #1, Ephesians
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Charles Lawson 09/02/18 (SS) Ephesians 1:4 Overview of Each Book in the Heart of the Pauline Epistles; Then Outline of Ephesians from Election & Predestination to the New Revelation of the Body of Christ and God's Established Social Structure Being Undermined by Feminism and Even Fox News

August 2018

The Battle of Armageddon and the Last Battle
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David Vallance 08/26/18 (SS) Ezekiel 38-39
Revelation 19-20
The Battle of Armageddon is about the Jewish People. A Different Setting, a Different Time - There Will be the Battle of Gog and Magog When Satan is Released to Deceive the Nations Once Again.
Second Account
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David Vallance 08/19/18 (SS) Revelation 7:1 Focus on the Jews During the Tribulation Period. The Gospel of the 144,000--Then One Must Endure to the End. OT Passages That Correlate.
Three Times Begotten of God
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Charles Lawson 08/12/18 (SS) Hebrews 1:8-12 Psalm 2:4 is Quoted Three Times in the New Testament Affirming Jesus Christ in the Offices of Prophet, Priest, and King. References the Gnostics Infiltrating the Church through Hagia Sophia.
Declared to Be the Son of God
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Charles Lawson 08/05/18 (SS) I John 3:9 Apostle John's Writings Speak of the [Spiritual] Kingdom of God Rather Than the [Physical] Kingdom of Heaven. Critical Point: What Changed About Jesus at His Resurrection from the Dead?

July 2018

A Prophet, Priest and King--Crowned With Glory and Honor
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David Vallance 07/29/18 (SS) Matthew 17:1-8 The Lord Jesus Christ Does Not Hold These Offices at the Same Time. The Holy Spirit is Necessary for You to Receive Anything About Jesus or About God or About His Scriptures.
British Israelism - The Original Kingdom
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Charles Lawson 07/22/18 (SS) I Corinthians 10:32 Abraham, Moses, and David. The Kingdom of God was Given to the Jew. The Oracles of God Were Given to the Jew. The Lord Jesus Christ is the King Over All.
British Israelism and Globalism
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Charles Lawson 07/15/18 (SS) Luke 16:16 Overview of British Israelism: Pulling Together Legends of Lost Tribes of Israel and Cecil Roads and the Components of the Union Jack. The Hegelian Dialectic Approach.
Gentile Kingdoms
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Charles Lawson 07/08/18 (SS) Daniel 2:43 All Kinds of Different Governments Have Been Tried All Over the World Throughout Time. There is No Perfect Government and Most are Corrupt. When He Comes, Christ's Perfect Kingdom Will Finally Succeed all the Past Gentile Kingdoms.
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Charles Lawson 07/01/18 (SS)

II Corinthians 5:10

A Look at the Three Throne Judgments, and a Couple of Others Besides. Start to Look at the Crowns (Rewards for Certain Actions or Works).

June 2018

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
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David Vallance 06/24/18 (SS) Revelation 1:1 Delving into Layers of Typology Which is Rife in Revelations.... Comparison of the Seven Churches to the First Seven Books of the Bible and to Seven Parables of Matthew 13.
Father's Day - Where Did We Go Wrong?
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David Vallance 06/17/18 (SS) II Chronicles 7:14 We Are Bringing Up a Generation That Does Not Know the Lord. God's Judgment Is Upon the Earth With Continuing Disasters. Fathers, Put Your Families First
God's Complete Plan of Salvation
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David Vallance 06/10/18 (SS) Jeremiah 29:12 Examine Yourself and Look at Your Heart. Do You Have a Desire to Know Him? Beyond the New Birth, There Are Steps to Ongoing Sanctification as We Grow to be More Like Our Father.
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Charles Lawson 06/03/18 (SS) Galatians 3:1 It Means "Fascinated"--Same as Eve Deceived by the Shining Nachash. These Many Things (Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Labyrinths, Drugs, and Occult Sources of Knowledge) Muddy the Conscience and Invite Entrance of Demons or Demonic Influence

May 2018

Days of Deception
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David Vallance 05/27/18 (SS) II Timothy 3:1-7 A Great and Growing Number of People Claim to Have Seen Christ Jesus and to Have a Special Revelation from Him; Biblical Teaching Counters Their Assertions. Three Important Contrasts Between the Kingdom of Heaven (Physical) and the Kingdom of God (Spiritual).
Promotion Sunday
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  05/20/18 (SS)   Sunday School Classes Report on Previous Year and Honor Those Moving Up into the Next Class
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel
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Charles Lawson 05/13/18 (SS) John 14:1-3 What Has Been Said About the "God of the Jews" Contrast to The True God, Creator, and Saviour. False Doctrines and Prophesies are Being Preached and Accepted. Albert Pike's Book Three World Wars.
Coming Day of Confrontation
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Charles Lawson 05/06/18 (SS) Acts 7:56 Second Coming of the Lord--Well Documented in Scripture. "Mystery" Revealed to Paul, Then, Is the Rapture. Demarcation in Acts Accounting for Shift from Commission to Ministry; Influence of Variables of "Possibilities" on Prophecy; Ultimate Accountability of Jews for Their Corporate [National] Sin [of Unbelief].

April 2018

Another Missed Date
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Charles Lawson 04/29/18 (SS) Acts 1:6-7 California Banning Bible Sales? A Bible Study Encompassing Date Setters, The Resurrection, Day of the Lord, Day of Christ, Paul's 'Catching Away', the Holy Spirit, and Eternal Life. The Lord Jesus Christ IS the Resurrection.
Practical Teachings
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Charles Lawson 04/22/18 (SS) Philippians 2:5 Addressing Your Attitude and, From Finding in Scripture Example After Example of the Condescension of Christ, We Can Come to Recognize and to Embrace the Real Christian Life
Intrigued With the Second Coming
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Charles Lawson 04/15/18 (SS) Matthew 24:32-39 Nothing is Fixed in Scripture that Declares When the Second Coming Will Take Place (Mark 13:32). David Meade, a Christian Conspiracy Theorist, Nevertheless Says, "April 23, 2018." Other Unfolding Events and Quick History of the Occupancy of the Holy Land.
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Rick Owens 04/08/18 (SS) Genesis 6:8 Stats in Scripture, Adages, Definitions, References in Scripture; What It Is, What It Does.
More Than You Thought
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David Vallance 04/01/18 (SS) Exodus 33:18-23 Things We Often Overlook When Reading the Bible: What God Was Showing Moses Within the Cleft of the Rock; The Comparison to the Messiah and the Crimson Worm; The Travail Between Jesus Christ and God the Father When Our Saviour Was on the Cross, and Others

March 2018

Tisha B'Av
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Charles Lawson 03/25/18 (SS) Numbers 14:22 The Start of the Hebrew Day of Great Tragedies, and a Listing of 13 Major Disasters. Also, Comparing John 1:1 and Genesis 1:1. And Advice on How to Study the Bible.
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Charles Lawson 03/18/18 (SS) Isaiah 44:28 - 45:7 Isaiah Prophesied About the Destruction of the Temple and Reveals Cyrus' Name Hundreds of Years Before His Birth. Zoroastrianism Brings the Religion of Dualism. Dividing Lines Key to Understanding the Scripture, Examples Include John the Baptist, Death of Jesus Christ, and Israel.
A World of Fig Leaf Religion
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David Vallance 03/11/18 (SS) I Peter 1:18 Man Hides Himself and Tries to Create His Own Salvation. Pointedly, as the Fig Tree and This Description Applies to Israel Then and Israel Today. The Three Resurrections Performed by Jesus, Every One a Picture of Israel.
Turning From The Light
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Charles Lawson 03/04/18 (SS) Romans 1:28 Quotation from Deanna Chadwick How the American People are Refusing the Truth from the American Thinker Web Site. Increasing Overt Control of the Masses By An Elite Power-Mad Intelligentsia. Insightful Prediction of the Incarnation of the Antichrist by Vladimir Soloviev

February 2018

The Northern Gate
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Tony Hopkins 02/25/18 (SS) Ezekiel 8:14-16 Abominations in the Temple in Israel Revealed to the Prophet Are Here Examined One by One and Related to Each Other and to These Last Days.
Meaning of the Death of Christ
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Charles Lawson 02/18/18 (SS) I John 2:2 The Sacrifice Who Paid Our Sins; Was Made a Curse for Us; His Shed Blood Provided a Cord of Redemption. God! Was Manifest in the Flesh. Contrasting the Two Pictures of the Messiah.
The Dangers of Playing God #5: The Language of DNA
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Charles Lawson 02/11/18 (SS) Psalm 139:1-15 The Cohen Gene That Will Allow Jews to Reinstate the Aaronic Priesthood and the Marvel of DNA Having a Four-Character Language So Much More Sophisticated Than Binary Code
The Dangers of Playing God #4:Factual Evidence on the Blood of Christ
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Charles Lawson 02/04/18 (SS) I Timothy 11:8 Kent Hovind Interviewing Ron Wyatt on His Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and--Moreover--the Results of Tests Run on the Old, Dried Blood That Was There Also

January 2018

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Jimmy Graham 01/28/18 (SS) II Timothy 2:15 Growing in the Lord Is As Important As Salvation: Need to Study and Need to Rightly Divide the Word. A Few Tough Scriptures.
The Dangers of Playing God #3: Man's Efforts to Synthesize Immortality
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Charles Lawson 01/21/18 (SS) Genesis 1:16 Scientists are Trying to Reach Singularity. Also Referencing: DNA Phantom Effect, Nanobots, Quantum Computing, and the Merging of the Spiritual With the Man-Made to Make Their Own God.
The Dangers of Playing God #2: Xenogenesis
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Charles Lawson 01/14/18 (SS) Jeremiah 1:5 Artificial Wombs and Further De-humanizing Processes Afoot; Quotation from Book by Steve Quayle, "Xenogenesis"; Suggestion to Watch YouTube of Jennifer Doudna (Crispr-Cas9) Lecture.
The Dangers of Playing God: Formation of a Human
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Charles Lawson 01/07/18 (SS) Jeremiah 1:5 Quote from Stuart Newman, Cell Biologist on Complexity of Earliest Embryonic Cell Division; Overview of DNA and Double Helix Structure and Role of Crispr-Cas9; Zinc Spark at Fertilization....

December 2017

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David Vallance 12/31/17 (SS) John 18 Stressing That No One Nor No Thing Killed The Lord Jesus Christ, But That He Willingly Laid Down His Life to Pay the Penalty of Sin For Us. Also, Considering the Crucifixion from a Different Perspective, That of a Roman Soldier.
The Incarnation
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Charles Lawson 12/24/17 (SS) Hebrews 2:6 Looking Past Man to the Son of Man; The One Seed of Abraham; The Nature of a Spirit; The Nature of the Mystery of Godliness; and God Manifest in the Flesh.
The Advent
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Charles Lawson 12/17/17 (SS) Matthew 1 The Royal Genealogy of Jesus Qualifies Him to Be King on David's Throne. His Prophetic Genealogy is Given in Luke. The Incarnation--Born of a Virgin--Qualifies Jesus as Our Saviour.
Noah's Flood #3: Back to the Beginning
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Charles Lawson 12/10/17 (SS) Genesis 6:13 The Hebrew Naming of the Stars; Their Meaning and Message. Beresovka Mammoth Article; Ethelbert Bullinger's Book Witness of the Stars.
The World's Turned Upside-down
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David Vallance 12/03/17 (SS) Isaiah 5:20-25 First the General Level of Savagery to Which People Have Sunk; then Current Political Events That Agree with Ezekiel 38, Portending Russia and Iran and Turkey (and Germany) Attacking Israel.... Personal Plea That Every Individual Would "Do Right, Finish Right."

November 2017

Noah's Flood #2: Nimrod and Babylon
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Charles Lawson 11/26/17 (SS) Genesis 8:22 Because of the Earth's Tilt After the Flood There Is Now Rain (and Rainbows) and Seasons and Visible Stars. Enter Nimrod Who Lead the First Organized Rebellion Against God and Indirectly Introduced Semiramis, "Queen of Heaven"/"Virgin Mother"/"Goddess."
Noah's Flood #1: Obliquity of the Ecliptic
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Charles Lawson 11/19/17 (SS) Genesis 1:1-13, 16 Startling Information from Australian Astronomer George F Dodwell (~1936) That Supports World-Wide Catastrophic Event That Caused the Earth to Tilt and Massive Mixed Animal Graveyards, and Provoked a Fixation with Astronomy.
Scriptures That Are Hard to Understand
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Charles Lawson 11/12/17 (SS) I Corinthians 15:27-29 Progressive Revelation and Dispensations Go a Long Way Toward Explaining Inscrutable Passages of Scripture.
The Heavens Declare the Glory, #4: Correlation Between Ensigns of Israel and the Zodiac
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Charles Lawson 11/05/17 (SS) Genesis 1:14 The Ensigns for the Tribes of Israel Correspond to the Signs of the Zodiac and the Prescribed Order of the Tribes When They Marched in the Wilderness and When They Encamped Around the Tabernacle Emphasize the Approach to God. Also, Faces of Cherubim and Perspectives of Gospel Books.

October 2017

The Heavens Declare the Glory, #3: The Stars Above
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Charles Lawson 10/29/17 (SS) Job 38:31-32 Attributes of the Great Pyramid; Precession of the Equinoxes; and Comparison to the Prophesy of the Great Red Dragon in Rev. 12:1-3.
Two Plans
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David Vallance 10/22/17 (SS) II Samuel 9 There's Satan's Plan for Your Life, Illustrated by the Recent Shooting in Las Vegas; and There's God's Plan for our Lives, Pictured Perfectly in the Biblical Account of Mephibosheth.
The Heavens Declare the Glory, #2: The Great Pyramid of Giza
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Charles Lawson 10/15/17 (SS) Job 9:9 The Great Pyramid is an Anomaly With Repeated Mathematical and Astonomical Correlations Far Advanced to Anything Else of That Historical Era.
The Heavens Declare the Glory, #1: Before Written Scripture
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Charles Lawson 10/08/17 (SS) Genesis 1:14 Since the Beginning of Mankind, The Word God Was Evident in the Heavens--Stars Which God Numbered and Named; and Obviously Revealed This Information Because All Cultures Have the Same Names for the Signs of the Zodiac.
Making Connections XI: The Two-Tier Society
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Charles Lawson 10/01/17 (SS) The SETI, Transgenderism (Dr. Michelle Cretella's view that transgender policies constitute child abuse.); Transhumanism, EU, and Sharyl Attkission and her book Smear, The Millennial Rule of Iron

September 2017

Making Connections X: CRSPR/cas9
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Charles Lawson 09/24/17 (SS) II Thessalonians 2:1-3 The Very Real and Present Scientific Means to Re-sequence DNA and to What-All Ends? Excerpt from Book, Never Let Me Go, by Kasuro Ishiguro.
Making Connections IX: Spiritual Evolution
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Charles Lawson 09/17/17 (SS) The Extraterrestrial Evolution: Their Global Economy, Encounters, Evangelism, and Perversion of the Truth to Prepare the World for Spiritual Destruction. Refer to and a Consensus of the Aliens' Message.
Making Connections VIII: The Heavens Declare God's Glory
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Charles Lawson 09/10/17 (SS) Job 38:7 Before Scripture Was Written, God Gave a Witness of Himself in the Constellations. Before Ancient Times, Satan Laid the Foundation of his Deception. Also References to: Zachariah Sitchin, David Spangler, and Nicolas Notovitch.
Making Connections VII: The Major Deception
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Charles Lawson 09/03/17 (SS) II Thessalonians 2 Overview of the Form the Major Deception Will Take and How the Snowflake Generation will Accept It; How Scientific Racism is Connected to the Occult World; Problems With Evolution; Singularity is the Ultimate Goal of CERN

August 2017

The Last Generation
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David Vallance 08/27/17 (SS) Matthew 24 An Assortment of Observations and References Applicable to This [Last] Generation. Also Referenced: Anthony Patch
Making Connections VII: The Master Race
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Charles Lawson 08/20/17 (SS) Revelation 9:1 Are There Connections Between the Vril Society, Alien Races, Ultra-Advanced Technology, Paradigm Thinking, etc. and the New World Order to Receive the Antichrist and the One World Order? Also Mentioned Dietrich Eckart, Maria Orsic, Kenneth Arnold,
Making Connections VI: Transhumanism
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Charles Lawson 08/13/17 (SS) Genesis 3:21 God Regarded That For Man to Live Forever in a Sinful State Was Unthinkable, Yet with Artificial Intelligence and Other New Technologies, Man Is Straining to Achieve Just That.
The Love of God
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David Vallance 08/06/17 (SS) Genesis 2, 3 + 14 Early Old Testament Examples of God Commending His Love to Man Contrast With The Shenanigans of Satan.

July 2017

Making Connections V: The Religion of the U.N.
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Charles Lawson 07/30/17 (SS) Isaiah 14:12 Sidebar Re-Media Coverage of Syria; Quote from Madam Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine"; Review of Satan's Progressive Fall and Speculation as to His Position with God.
Making Connections IV: Satan's Gradual Fall
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Charles Lawson 07/23/17 (SS) Isaiah 14:12 The Fall From The Third Heaven To The Bottomless Pit. Blavatsky's Demiurge Tying The Occult World To The Light-Giver.
What Was Then, and Will Be Again
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David Vallance 07/16/17 (SS) Genesis 6 Giants--Where They Came From, Where All They Lived, Where They've Been Buried, and Background to American Indian's Traditional Greeting.
Making Connections III: Ties to Lucifer
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Charles Lawson 07/09/17 (SS) Isaiah 14:12-17 Interlacing Lucifer ("Morning Star"), Sodomy, New World Order, etc... Views From Jerone's Latin Vulgate, Graham Hancock, Albert Pike, Kenneth Anger, Aleister Crowley, Stanley Martin.
Making Connections II: Occultic Symbols in Our Nation's Capitol
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Charles Lawson 07/02/17 (SS) Ezekiel 28:11-14 America Founded by Christians? Maybe More Like, American Became a Nation Full of Christians. Ah, But Nowadays, Everyone Is Spiritual In Their Own Way. A Raising Ceremony Performed Secretly with Every Presidential Inauguration. Tom Horn of SkyWatch TV.

June 2017

Making Connections: "The God of Forces"
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Charles Lawson 06/25/17 (SS) Daniel 11:38 The Evolutionist's Dilemma Has Him Seeking a Designer Behind His Theory, and All That Lends Itself Well to the Concept of a "Spark of Divinity" and the Prediction of a God Rising From Among the Ranks of Lesser Developed Humans. As It Coincides, Linda Kimball Current Article on her Web Site Is Cited.
Doctrine Hidden in Plain Sight
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David Vallance 06/18/17 (SS) John 1:1-5 The Word of God is Synonymous With Jesus Christ; Made Free From Bondage, Like the Woman Bowed With the Infirmity. September 23, 2017, Alignment of Constellations and Planets Such as Hasn't Been Seen for 7,000 years.
The High Places We've Neglected To Defend Out of the Rebellion to God's Word
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David Vallance 06/11/17 (SS) Leviticus 26:30 A Listing of the High Places and How That We Have Abdicated Our Godly Responsibility and Satan Has Taken Over A Multitude of These Areas
Judicial Blindness
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Charles Lawson 06/04/17 (SS) Matthew 12:14 & 24 Judicial Blindness Came With the Rejection of Jesus Christ. However, The Nation of Israel Will Be Saved.

May 2017

The Canon of New Testament Scripture
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Charles Lawson 05/28/17 (SS) Matthew How the Inspired Word of God Which Comprises Our New Testament Was Determined. Bit of the Chronology of the Writings and the Purpose of God In That Sequencing. Role and Inovations of the Masoretes in Strict Preservation of the Old Testament Scriptures.
Promotion Sunday
05/21/17 (SS) Sunday School Classes Report on the Previous Year and Honor Those Moving Into New Classes.
The Application of the Sermon on the Mount
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 05/14/17 (SS) Matthew 5:3-11+ Rightly Dividing the Message and the Target Audience of the Sermon on the Mount and of Other Prophecies Given in Scripture. Righteousness for Abraham Contrast with Ours. And, Warning That People Who Belittle the Idea of Sonship (and Chastening) Will Instead Exalt the Idea of Morality.
The Seed
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 05/07/17 (SS) Ruth 4:13-22 The Book of Ruth Lays the Groundwork for a King and the Book of Esther Saves the Nation of Israel From Extiction. Also, Referenced "Jerusalem of Gold" Sung by Ofra Hazaz and "Hatikvah," Israel's National Anthem

April 2017

The Branch
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/30/17 (SS) Isaiah 11:1-6 In Four Places in the Old Testament, "Branch" Is Distinctly Called a Servant, a King, a Man, and "of Jehovah." Each Separate Distinction Correlates to a Particular New Testament Gospel.
A Mystery That Is Above Mortal Man
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 04/23/17 (SS) II Timothy 3:16 A Study of Things Concealed in The Word of God: Numerology; How the Bible is Sequentially Laid Out; Meaning of Names and Words. Our God is Awesome!
The Historicity of Christ Jesus
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/16/17 (SS) Acts 1:1-3 "Infallible Proofs" -- Strongest Language Possible. Also, Extra-Biblical Proofs: Mentions in the Gnostic Gospels, the Jewish Talmud; and Secular Historians: (Jewish) Josephus and (Roman) Tacitus, Pliny the Younger and Others
Illumination of the Third Eye
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/09/17 (SS) I Thes. 4:13-18 The Oral Law Interpretes the Written Law. The Oral Law is for the Initiates. The Written Law is for the Common Man. Don't Let the Light Bearer (Lucifer) Illuminate Anything to You.
Mystery of Godliness/Mystery of Iniquity
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/02/17 (SS) I Timothy 3:16 How Each Person of the Godhead Works in Concert with the Others in the Mystery of Godliness, and This is Contrasted with the Foretold Mimicry of Satan (Which Will Fool Many Who Are Not Grounded in the True Faith)

March 2017

Mysteries and Parables
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/26/17 (SS) Matthew 13:3 Christ Preached Parables and Paul Mysteries. Paul is to the Church What Moses is to the Nation of Israel. Moses Brought the Law to Israel; Paul Revealed the Mysteries to the Church of God: Mysteries of the Body of Christ, the Rapture of the Church, and the Second Coming of Christ. Angels Were Involved in the Giving of the Law But Not With the Gospel of the Grace of God.
The Man Born Blind
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/19/17 (SS) John 9:1-38 The Saving of the Nation of Israel Is Fully Previewed in the Account of Jesus Healing the Man Born Blind. Allusion to the Mid-Tribulation Rapture, That (Not of the Church, But) of Tribulation Saints; and Also to the Three Messengers of the Gospel During the Time of the Tribulaion.
Ignorant in Unbelief
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/12/17 (SS) I Timothy 1:12-16 Paul Is an Example of Salvation For Every Individual and Also for Corporate Israel in End Times. Why Blasphemy Against Jesus Was Forgivable but Blaspheming the Holy Ghost Is Not.
Rightly Dividing the Parable of the Ten Virgins
-audio mp3-
Tony Hopkins 03/05/17 (SS) Matthew 25:1-10 Comparing Srcipture with Scripture, Coming to Understand Thoroughly Where the Jew Fits, Where the Church Fits, and How God Deals with Each Group. Personal Annecdote of Grace and Healing of God Even to Lost.

February 2017

Why I Believe In A Pre-Tribulation Rapture
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David Vallance 02/26/17 (SS) Genesis 5:24 Looking at the Types of Rapture Including Enoch, Elijah, Elisha, The Dead in Christ, Saved Saints of God, and The Apostle John Representing the Church. He's Coming - Are You Ready?
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/19/17 (SS) Luke 16:16 Jews Are the Key to Understanding the New Testament. Seeing How God Can Use One Man to Stand for Another and Still Fulfill Prophecy. The Mess of Replacement Theology.
New Covenant/New Testament
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/12/17 (SS) Hebrews 8:8-11 The Distinction Between the New Covenant and the New Testament; Salvation in Three Different Aspects. Fulfillment of Isaiah 6:9-10 -- Ethelbert Bullinger's Application From the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of the Blinding of the Jews.
Critical Distinctions Between Very Similiar Concepts
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/05/17 (SS) II Thessalonians 2:1-2 Day of Christ, Day of the Lord; Times of the Gentiles, Fullness of the Gentiles (Age of Grace); Blindness of Israel; Salvation, National and Individual; Judgment of Sin and Judgment of Sinners.

January 2017

Overview of the New Testament
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Charles Lawson 01/29/17 (SS) II Thessalonians 2:1-2 Inspired by God. Teaching Through Mysteries and How They Open Up the NT. Learning that Time is Important to God and Experience is Not an Absolute Teacher.
The Day of the Lord
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/22/17 (SS) Isaiah 2:12 Introduction to "The Day of the Lord," and How It Differs from the Day of Christ. Exciting Times We Live In. Looking Soon for the Complete Fulfillment of Prophecy.
Israel and the Two-State Solution
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/15/17 (SS) Genesis 13:14-18 & 15:17-21 Seventy Nations Meeting in Paris to Vote Against Israel; History of Israel's Land Grant from God; Antartica Mysteries: Admiral Byrd's Diary, Head of the Russian Orthodox Church; Cern and Cali
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/08/17 (SS) Revelation 9:1-10 Conjectures As To What Is Being Described as Locust in the Passage; Temples of Apollo, Located at Accesses to Underworld (i.e., "Gates of Hell) Including Location of Presentday CERN Hadron Collider; Occult Rife in Big Government and Politics. Mention of "Spirit Cooking."
He's the God of the Hills and the God of the Valley
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 01/01/17 (SS) Psalm 22:1-31 Two Battles Fought - Comparing the Old Taunt of Israel's Enemies in I Kings 20 to Psalm 22, Psalm 23, and Revelation 19.

December 2016

Prophecies of Christ
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/18/16 (SS) Matthew 2:1-3 God Used the Light of the Star to Guide the Wise Men to Reveal the True Light to Us.
Secular References to the Birth of Jesus Christ
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/11/16 (SS) Luke 2 Overwhelming Secular Evidence, Citing Historians Josephus and Tasitus; the Jewish Talmud and the Gnostic Gospels As to the Fact of the Birth of Jesus Christ
One World Government #4:The Deception is Happening Now
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/04/16 (SS) Revelation 13:13 Preacher's Testimony of His Back Porch Experience. The New World Order Deception is Here; Leftist Progressives are Fascists; Spirit Cooking and Pizza Gate are Revolting; Parallels Between UFOs and Occult Phenomena

November 2016

One World Government #3: Various Forms of Human Government
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/27/16 (SS) Matthew 16:18-19 The Church Has Existed Within Every Form of Government. Of The Church, Jesus Said, "Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church, and the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It."
One World Government #2: The Assault On Identities
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/20/16 (SS) Jeremiah 44:17-18 What and Who Energizes the Kingdoms of the World. Discussion of the Queen of Heaven, Crispr, Lucifer, and Progressives
One World Government #1:Their Religion
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/13/16 (SS) Jeremiah 44:15-18 Chartes Cathedral Located At "The Womb of the Earth"--For the Birthing of the Christ Principle; WWI's Versailles' Treaty Precipitated WWII. Also, Saul Alinsky, Fabian Socialism; and Nigel Farage, Brexit.
Worthy Is The Lamb
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 11/06/16 (SS) 1 Corinthians 10:1 What Happens During the Rapture and Afterward.

October 2016

A Warning of God Concerning the Ungodly
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 10/30/16 (SS) Romans 1 Select Sciptures Where God Warns of His Judgment and Other Passages Showing How Much Ungodliness Surrounds Us
#6 Hermeneutics: The Core of Babylonian Religion
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/23/16 (SS) Reveleation 17:1-6 Connecting the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Republic Empire to the Present Day.
#5 Hermeneutics: The War Against Gnosticism
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/16/16 (SS) Colossians 2:14-18 "Paul's Warning Against Angel Worship; What an Angel Is; Jesus Compared to Angels; Angels' Role at the Birth of Christ; the Critical Importance of Jesus' Incarnation.
#4 Hermeneutics: The Babylonian Influence on the New Testament
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/09/16 (SS) Colossians 2:15-18 "Logos" Greek For "Word" Has a Diffenent Meaning Carried Over From Plato's Definition, and So That Influence Changes the Plain Meaning of the Scripture. All From Pergamos. Also, Serpent Worship.
#3 Hermeneutics: The Jew's Religion
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/02/16 (SS) Galatians 1:11-14 The Talmud Is the Foundation of "The Jews Religion"--Not To Be Confused With Biblical Judaism Such as Practiced By Karaite Jews

September 2016

#2 Hermeneutics: The Written or Oral Law
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/25/16 (SS) II Timothy 3:15 Moses Received the Foundation for the Law. The Babylonian Talmad is the Center for Today's Kabbalah. The Karaite Jew Rejects the Oral Tradition. Which One Will You Choose?
#1 Hermeneutics: Dispensations
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/18/16 (SS) Genesis 6:1-4 Introduction to Understanding Your Bible. Dispensations, World View Affect Your Escatology and Regard for the Nation of Israel. How Completely Inspired You Think the Scriptures Relates to Your Trust in Them.
#5 Lucifer: Satan, The Former Cherub
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/11/16 (SS) II Thessalonians 2:1-12 Satan, One of the Five OriginalCherubim, The Occult World Denies the Existance of Satan While Satanist Regard Him as Good. The Role of Cherubim and Their Ties to Earth.
The Virtuous Woman
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 09/04/16 (SS) Proverbs 31:10-31 In Twenty-one Details, the Virtuous Woman Is a Picture of the Church of God.

August 2016

#4 Lucifer: ''Together 2016'' Ceremony
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/28/16 (SS) Daniel 11:38 Pope Francis' Upcoming Meeting in Jerusalem in September and His Outreach to Other Countries and Religious Communities for the Ecumenism Movement; Discussion on the Ouroboros and the Egyptian god Osiris
#3 Lucifer: The God of Forces
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/21/16 (SS) Daniel 11:38 Step-By-Step Outline From the Universal Life Force And the Divine Feminine To the Tennets Of the Occult Religion of Evolution: Mother Nature and Pantheism
#2 Lucifer: Identities Confounded
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/14/16 (SS) Isaiah 14:12 The Identity of Christ and Lucifer Are Being Confounded. How the Church is Being Misled About Lucifer.
#1 Lucifer: The Basis of Satanic Deception
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/07/16 (SS) Isaiah 14:12 What Is a Latin Word Doing in the Midst of the HebrewOld Testament? Answering This Riddle and Understanding From Where Such as Albert Pike and Eliphas Levi Get Their Re-interpretations of Lucifer

July 2016

#5 CRISPR: Satan, Devil, and Lucifer
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/31/16 (SS) Isaiah 14:12-15 The Meanings of Satan, Devil, and Lucifer and How the Christian and the Occult View Each of Them

#4 CRISPR: Oracles, Ancient and Present
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 07/24/16 (SS) Acts 16:16 Role of Commerce In Reaction to a Holy Stand And Devilish Themes In Open Ceremonies, i.e. The Gotthard Tunnel

#3 CRISPR: Assaults Against the Word of God
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 07/17/16 (SS) Genesis 1:9 The Mandela Effect; Pokemon Avatar Virtual Reality; the Da Vinci Code and the Debate of a Flat Earth

#2 CRISPR: Portals: Doors to Underground
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 07/10/16 (SS) Revelation 9:11 Connection of 911 Memorial to the Bottomless Pit and Details of Opening Ceremony for Gotthard Tunnel

#1 CRISPR: Unifying Philosophy
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 07/03/16 (SS) Psalm 139:14 Discussion of the Lifeforce Connection to the Spirit; Eugenics, Chimara, Crispr, and the Rationalizations for All Necessary Means to Effect Globalization

June 2016

The Number Ten
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 06/26/16 (SS) Daniel 7:1-34 Connection of "Ten" to the Antichrist; Club of Rome's Ten Global Divisions; the European Union, Britian's Secesssion from the EU

A Study of Matthew 5
-audio mp3-

David Vallance 06/19/16 (SS) Matthew 5 Biblical Guidance for Living a Christian Life.

Spirit of the Antichrist -audio mp3-

David Vallance 06/12/16 (SS) II Thessalonians 2:1-3 Drawing from Ruckman's Bible Notes, References to Antichrist Include Moab [Asyria], Judas Iscariot, Son of Perdition...
#3-Queen of Heaven: The Intelligence Behind Evolution
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/05/16 (SS) II Thessalonians 2:9-12 Random Selection is Out; Meet the Intelligence Behind Evolution; Quantum Leap in Spiritual Evolution

May 2016

#2-Queen of Heaven: Birthing A New Spirit
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 05/29/16 (SS) Jeremiah 44:15-17 Female Converging with Male to Produce an Androgenous Being; Occultic Roots of Evolutionism; ET's to Evangelize Us
#1-Queen of Heaven: Transgender Agenda
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 05/22/16 (SS)   Discussion of How Androgeny has Morphed Into the Blasphemy of Today's Transgender Attitude; Chemtrail Conspiracy Cost Mother Custody of Daughter.
Promotion Sunday
  05/15/16 (SS)   Sunday School Classes Show Off What They've Learned and Honor Graduating Students
#11-Cathedrals of France: The Search/Plan for Aliens
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 05/08/16 (SS) Revelation 13:14 Premises To Think About: Aliens and Creatures Communications With Us. Mark Milley, Admiral Byrd, Paul Dale Roberts, and Vatican's Lucifer Telescope
#10-Cathedrals of France: Cult of the Black Virgin
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 05/01/16 (SS) Jeremiah 44:15-17 Reference To Barbara Aho Website; David Spangler of the UN; Flyers of A New Tower of Babel and of Free Masonry; the Reconquista Movement to Reposses Aztlan in SW U.S.A.

April 2016

#9-Cathedrals of France: Sons of God
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 04/24/16 (SS) Psalm 82:1-8 We Will Judge Angels; Admiral Byrd's Diary; David Cameron and Barak Obama's Press Conference Conversation on the European Union Agreement.
#8-Cathedrals of France: The Queen of Heaven
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 04/17/16 (SS) 1 Kings 11:1-5 Features of Chartres Cathedral; Explanation of Labyrinths; and About the Queen of Heaven
#7-Cathedrals of France: The New Temple of Bael
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 04/10/16 (SS)   The Occult is Planning to Erect Temples in New York, London, and England (April 19th). Feast of Molech is the Known Blood Sacrifice of Children

#6-Cathedrals of France: Review
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson 04/03/16 (SS) Jeremiah 44:17-22 List of Topics Covered in Recent Lessons

March 2016

Daniel and John: How They Are Connected
-audio mp3
David Vallance 03/27/16 (SS) Proverbs 25:2 Beloved Men of God. Similarities Between Daniel and John and How God Used Them. And a Glimpse Into Heaven.
#5- Cathedrals of France: Sidebar
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 03/20/16 (SS) Revelation 13:1-2 References In the OT To Behemoth, Leviathan, the Mazareth, Unicorn, Dragons, and Lillith and Others
#4- Cathedrals of France: Chartres Cathedral
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 03/13/16 (SS) Genesis 3:15 Upper Echelon's Worship; Three Pre-Flood Cities; Linda Kimball's Vanguard Perception of Man; Maurice Rawlings' Testimony; Raymond Moody's Book, Life After Life
#3- Cathedrals of France: God Named the Stars
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 03/06/16 (SS) Genesis 3:15 More Contrast: Bible Teaching vs. Occult Teaching; and Two Things The Heavens Show Us

February 2016

#2- Cathedrals of France: Connection to Religion
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 02/28/16 (SS) Exodus 7:10-12 Overview of David Icke's Belief That the Dream World is Real: Hot Spots; the Black Madonna; Reptillian Beings; Denver Airport; JFK Secret Societies, etc.

#1- Cathedrals of France: Witness of the Stars
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson 02/21/16 (SS) Jeremiah 7:18 Parallel Lines of Knowledge-One Scriptural (Truth), the Other Esoteric (Occult).

Where Are We On God's Calendar?
-audio mp3

David Vallance 02/14/16 (SS) II Chronicles 7:14 Typology in Bible Discussing When the Lord Jesus Christ Will Come Back - Specifically the Number 7
#6 - Enlightened Social Engineering
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 02/07/16 (SS) Genesis 11:1-4 Ungodly Line of Revelation From Nimrod Down To [Present] Infiltration of the Education System

January 2016

#5 - The New Spirituality
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 01/31/16 (SS) Genesis 11:1-4 The Six Aspects of The New Spirtuality Stranglehold (Linda Kimball)
#4 - New Age/Gnosticism
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 01/24/16 (SS) Colossians 1:19 Gnosticism Redefines Jesus Christ; Excerpts From Gail Riplinger's New Age Bible Versions; Dualism Preached From "Christian" Pulpits.
#3 - Real Conflict With The World of Islam
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 01/17/16 (SS) Genesis 1:1 NYC Draconian Laws Regarding Transgenders and Related Current Events Sacrifice Our Freedom of Speech To Be Politically Correct and Segue To The New World Order.
#2 - Islamic Eschatology and Christology
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 01/10/16 (SS) Matthew 24:1-5 The Antichrist of Islamic Eschatology and Turkey's Suitability As World Peacemaker
#1 - Islamic Eschatology
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 01/03/16 (SS) Genisus 16:11-12 The Theology, Writings, and Eschatology of Islam. Introduction to the Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan and the Caliphate.

December 2015

Cries Of Wolf
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 12/27/15 (SS) Matthew 24:36

The Web Site, RightWingWatch.Org, Lists A Number of Non-Events Which Were Predicted For 2015. Nevertheless--Let Us Keep Looking For The Return of Our Lord Jesus

The Prophecies of Daniel #6: The Spirit Beings
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 12/20/15 (SS) Daniel 4:17 Spiritual Beings Compete One Against Another for Power. Archangel Michael Represents and Protects Israel.
The Prophecies of Daniel #5: The Fourth Beast
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 12/13/15 (SS) Daniel 7:1-3 Comparing Daniel 7 With Daniel 2; The Holy Trinity/Satanic Trinity; Armenian Genocide
The Prophecies of Daniel #4: Dispensational Aspect of Daniel's Image
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 12/06/15 (SS) Luke 16:16 The Kingdom of Heaven is Vulerable to Violence. The Times of the Gentiles Will Not Change Until The Lord Comes Back.

November 2015

The Prophecies of Daniel #3: Ties To Mythology
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 11/29/15 (SS) Revelation 9:1-11 Composite Creatures, [Quayle's Book] Return of The Nephilim, Manifestations of Satan, Legend of King Arthur
The Prophecies of Daniel #2: Church History
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 11/22/15 (SS) Daniel 2:43 Christianity "United" Under Constantine; Tom Horn's Book Petrus Romanus; The Purpose of Androgeny
The Prophecies of Daniel #1: Gentile Kingdoms
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 11/15/15 (SS) Daniel 2:31-45 Overview of The Prophecies Pertaining Particularly To The Times of The Gentiles.
An Answer to the Heresy of Hyper-Calvinism #2: God's Plan
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 11/08/15 (SS) Romans 5:18 The Condition of All Mankind on the Earth; Two Classes - Justified and Unjustified. How God Will Deal With Them.
An Answer to the Heresy of Hyper-Calvinism #1: The Family of God
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 11/01/15 (SS) Ephesians 1:1-4 A Quick Look At: Predestination, Election, Israel, New Birth, and Life Force.

October 2015

New Age Bibles #2, The Source of Scripture
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 10/25/15 (SS) John 6:63 New Age Versions Are Laying Groundwork for Acceptance of the Antichrist. Timothy S. Morton's Notation of New Age Version Changes to Their Bibles.
New Age Bibles #1, Historical Overview
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 10/18/15 (SS) II Timothy 3:13-17 The Holy Bible Was 2,000 Years in the Writing; The Line of Lies Is As Long or Longer.
Man Is Born Helpless
-audio mp3
David Vallance 10/11/15 (SS) Acts 3:1-11 As The Lame Man Was Born Helpless, Without Christ, and Created Imperfect - So Are We Without Salvation
The Vatican and E.T. #20, Chimera and Other Weird Creatures
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 10/04/15 (SS) Genisus 3:1 What Have Big Foot, Crop Circles, and Cattle Mutilations In Common?

September 2015

The Vatican and E.T. #19, Aliens, A Government Coverup
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 09/27/15 (SS)   Continued Discussions About Adm. Robert Byrd's Experience; The Vril Society; Von Braun; and Peter Ruckman's Thoughts.

The Vatican and E.T. #18, Admiral Byrd's Later Expeditions
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson

09/20/15 (SS)

Daniel 12:1-4 Only Two Sources of Knowledge: God and Satan; Operation High Jump and Byrd's Diary

The Vatican and E.T. #17, Emerging Patterns
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson

09/13/15 (SS)

II Thessalonians 2:9 9/11 Anomalies and 9/11 as a Watershed Event in the Darkening Deception.

The Vatican and E.T. #16, Alien Gospel and Agenda 2030
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson

09/06/15 (SS)

II Thessalonians 2:9 Nine Points of the Alien Gospel From the Web Site Segue Into Agenda 2030.

August 2015

The Vatican and E.T. #15, Goals of the NWO
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson

08/30/15 (SS)

II Thessalonians 2:1-7 Salient Questions Re: WW2 Also Indicate Behind-Scenes Control

The Vatican and E.T. #14, Pope Paving the Way for the Great Deception
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson

08/23/15 (SS)

John 3:19 E.T.'s Will Not Challenge the Authority of the Catholic Church.

The Vatican and E.T. #13, Portals, E.T.'s, and the Catholic Church
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson

08/16/15 (SS)

Revelation 13:11 Catholic Church Offers To Become the Go-To Institution for Dealing With ET's and New Spiritual Events

The Vatican and E.T. #12, Two Questions to Put to Your Evolutionist
-audio mp3

Charles Lawson

08/09/15 (SS)

I Timothy 4:1 Oligarchy on the Rise; Jeff Scheitzer's Bad News for God; Number-Crunchers Hypothesize on How Many Earth-like Planets Are Out There
The Vatican and E.T. #11, Darwinism Means Man is Expendable
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson

08/02/15 (SS)

Genesis 1:26 Darwin Gave "Scientific" Authority to Cull Out Certain People in Warfare and with Science (so-called) and in Clandestine Pogroms.

July 2015

The Vatican and E.T. #10, The Toll of Evolution
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson

07/26/15 (SS)

Genesis 1:26 Social Darwinism, Eugenics, Columbine, Selling of Baby Parts, Euthasia, etc.
The Vatican and E.T. #9, Tainted Seed
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson

07/19/15 (SS)

Matthew:1 Cursed seed of man. Superior races. Science worship. Race breeding.
If Men Would Only Learn From the Eagles
-audio mp3
David Vallance 07/12/15 (SS) Deuteronomy 32:1-13 Attributes of the Eagle That a Christian Should Emulate
The Vatican and ET, #8:The Beginning of Man
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 07/05/15 (SS) Genesis 1:26 Man Was Made in the Image of God; Children Were Born in the Image of Father

June 2015

The Vatican and ET, #7: Condensed Overview
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 06/28/15 (SS)   Condensation by Paul McGuire Extending From The Tower of Babel to the Future of America
The Vatican and ET, #6: Preparing The Way Of The Future
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 06/21/15 (SS) Revelation 9:1-11 TPP; Pope Francis' Global Warming Affirmation; Mt. Graham; Hate Speech Consequences
Famine In The Land
-audio mp3
Rick Owens 06/14/15 (SS) Amos 8:11-12 Causes of Famines in Our Lives and Churches. The Remedy for the Famine.
The Religion of Korah and Aaron's Rod
-audio mp3
David Vallance 06/07/15 (SS) Numbers 16:1-10 Do You Have the Spirit of An Antichrist or Do You Blossom and Bear Fruit as Aaron's Rod?

May 2015

The Vatican and ET, #5: The Weight of Evidence
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 05/31/15 (SS) Revelation 13:16-18 Review of Jennifer Reynolds' Article And Her Perspective On September 23rd.
The Vatican and ET, #4: The Spiritual State of the New Age Movement
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 05/24/15 (SS) I Timothy 4:1 While Evolving Spiritually, They Are Consumed With Self. Linking New Age, Emerging Church and Science.
The Vatican and ET, #3: The ET Saviour
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 05/17/15 (SS) Revelation 9:11 CERN Merging Science and Religion. Vatican's History Regarding UFOs To Culminate With Revealing of ET Saviour.
The Vatican and ET, #2: CERN, Opening The Gate To Hell
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 05/10/15 (SS) Revelation 9:11 Darkness is About to Surface That Has Never Been Imagined. Antimatter Cannot Be Controlled and Must Be Contained.
Promotion Sunday 2015
  05/03/15 (SS)   Sunday School Classes Show Off What They've Learned and Honor Graduating Students

April 2015

The Vatican and ET, #1: CERN, A Stargate?
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 04/26/15 (SS)

Revelation 13:11-15 & II Thessalonians 2:1-7

The Force of Hell is Being Held Back By The Hand of God. Investigative Research by Tomas Horn
The Jew #4: Israelites and Jews
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 04/19/15 (SS) John 4:1 Scriptural Confirmation That There Is No Distinction Between Israelites and Jews
The Jew #3: Who Is A Jew?
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 04/12/15 (SS) Romans 9:1-6 According To British Israelism Or According To The Scriptures
The Jew #2: Assault On The Apostle Paul
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 04/05/15 (SS)

Luke 22:36-38
and Luke 6:27-31

The Denigration of Paul And The Jewish People Invalidates Our Bible.

March 2015

The Jew #1: Pro Torah - Anti Paul
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 03/29/15 (SS) II Peter 3:15-16 Presents a Controversy Which Denigrates the Integrity of Paul to Elevate the Torah
New Testament #6: Religion of the Antichrist
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 03/22/15 (SS) Revelation 13:8 Includes Universal Religion; A Deeply Spiritual Religion; the Possible Connection to Aliens (demons); Possible Connection to Bloodlines; and the Abrahamic Religion Will Come Under Attack
New Testament #5: Mystical Religions
-audio mp3
Charles Lawson 03/15/15 (SS) Jeremiah 44:25 Discussion of Lost Civilizations, Root Race Theories, Eugenics, Goddess Worship, and the Third Wave Movement
New Testament #4: Comparisons of Christ
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/08/15 (SS) Jeremiah 44:7-20 Comparisons of Religions of Who Jesus Christ Is Among the Church of God, Wiccans, Buddhists, New Agers, and The Satanists.
New Testament #3: United Religious Initiative Project
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/01/15 (SS) Luke 1:48 Brings Coexistence, Goddess Worship, and A Gateway To Accept The Antichrist. Stems From The Belief That There Is No Absolute Truth.

February 2015

New Testament #2: Gnostic Gospel Believers
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

02/22/15 (SS)

II Timothy 3:15-17 When the Church Embraces the New Age Culture, Then the Church Will Lose Its Identity.
Unlocking The New Testament
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/15/15 (SS) John 1:1 The Gospel Of John and Chronology Are Central To Understanding The New Testament.
Covenant God of Israel
-audio mp3-
Tony Wilson 02/08/15 (SS) Genesis 12:1-3 Covenants of God: Unconditional and Conditional and How They Impact Replacement Theology.
Remodeling The Church
-audio mp3-
Eric Nafziger 02/01/15 (SS)

Matthew 7:24-29

Make Sure You Have The Right Foundation Before Remodeling and You Will Have A Good Start. Are Your Walls Inviting When People Come? Next Most Important Part In Remodeling Is The Door. What Are You Letting In?

January 2015

The Three Heavens
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/25/15 (SS) Deuteronomy 26:15 OT Saints Went To Paradise, NT Saints Are in The Age of Grace, And The Tribulation Saint's Souls Go 'Under the Altar' Until The Lord Calls Unto Them
The Spirit World #12: A Blood Line of Christ?
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/18/15 (SS) Revelation 13:8 Related To Christ By Birth or Rebirth? -and- Salvation or Initiation?
The Spirit World #11: Demonic New Age Movement
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/11/15 (SS) John 3:5-6 New Age Teachers and Prophets Profess Immortal Avatars, Self-Professed gods, UFO's, Alien Visitations, and Spirit Guides Are Part of Today's Demons.
The Spirit World #10: Evil Spirits of the Old Testament
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/04/15 (SS) Psalm 82:1-8 The Scripture, Both Old and New Testaments, has Things to Say About Evil Spirits Distinctly Different From Other Sources

December 2014

The Spirit World #9: Characteristics of Demons
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/28/14 (SS) James 2:19 These Creatures are Real, Intelligent, Evil, Vain and They Know That Jesus Christ is the Son of God
The Spirit World #8: The Tribes, the Gospels, and the Mazzaroth
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/21/14 (SS) Ezekiel 28:14-16 The Gospels Represent a Face of the Cherub and One of the Tribes of Israel. The Meaning of the Stars Match the Message of the Word of God.
The Spirit World #7: Satan, The Anointed Cherub
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 12/14/14 (SS) I Chronicles 21:1 All the World is Either in Darkness or Light. The Darkness Includes Brahmism, Buddhism and Dualism; the Light Has Come to Us Through Abraham
The Real Definition of Faith
-audio mp3-
Tony Wilson 12/07/14 (SS) Hebrews 11:1 Faith and It's Work in The Believer; Thru Faith We Receive the Gift of God; Keep the Faith of the Bible; Stand on The Word of God

November 2014

The Spirit World #6: Satan, the Person
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/30/14 (SS) Job 1:6 Satan Can Be a Proper Noun Referring to an Entity, A Creature That is an Intelligent Being, and the Wicked One
The Spirit World #5: Lucifer and His Luciferians
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/23/14 (SS) Isaiah 14:12 Helen Levaskey, Alelster Crowley Who Claimed to be the Beast, L. Ron Hubbard, and Anton LeVey are Among Them. Luciferians Only Bring Confusion and Chaos.
The Spirit World #4: Lucifer, the Light Bearer
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/16/14 (SS) Isaiah 14:12-13 Luciferians Believe That They Have a Wisdom, Insight, and Spirituality Above All Other People.
The Spirit World #3: Lucifer, Son of the Morning
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/09/14 (SS) Isaiah 14:4-9 Untangling the Confusion About the Name of Lucifer and Meaning of his Name
The Spirit World #2: Demons and Fallen Angels
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 11/02/14 (SS) John 4:24 The Spirit World With Details on Demons.

October 2014

The Spirit World #1: God and Angels
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/26/14 (SS) John 4:24 Introduction to the Spirit World Starting With God Details The First Two Categories.
The Lord is at the Door
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/19/14 (SS) Isaiah 14:4 Ebola Could Lead to Martial Law Which Could Usher in the Antichrist - Shockingly Comparable to the True Christ
Islam #3: What The Quran Teaches /& Intro to Ebola
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/12/14 (SS)   Reading Select Passages of the Holy Book of Islam and Observations of Current Political Situations; Then a Quick Look at the Ebola Virus
Islam #2: The Five Articles of Islamic Faith
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/05/14 (SS) Revelation 22:18-19 The Five Articles of Faith; Death and Life in the Grave and Their Incentive to go to Paradise as a Martyr

September 2014

Islam #1: The Jesus of Islam
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/28/14 (SS) I John 5:19-21 Jesus of the Holy Bible vs. Jesus of the Koran
Eschatology #17: Practical Application
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/21/14 (SS) Acts 28:23-31 Today's Perverting and Distortion of the Word of God
Eschatology #16: How It All Fits
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/14/14 (SS) John 3:3 New Testament Overview Shows Up the Distinction Between Kingdoms of Heaven and of God
Where To Go to Choose a Bible
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 09/07/14 (SS) Genesis 12:1 The Account of Paul's Voyage to Rome, an Allegory of Choosing the Wrong Bible

August 2014

Eschatology #15: Message of The Stars
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/31/14 (SS) Genesis 10:6

What the Details of the Great Pyramid Reveal About the Intelligence of the Designers and the Message of the Builders

Eschatology #14: Imitation in Advance
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/24/14 (SS) Genesis 10:6 Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz Immitate the Mystery of God 3,000 Years Before Christ
Eschatology #13: Evolution or Creation
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/17/14 (SS) Genesis 10:1

Contrary Evidence and Detractors Challenge the Evolutionist's Faith

Eschatology #12: The Universal Flood
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/10/14 (SS)` Genesis 6:4

Ubiquitous Accounts Across All People and Cultures as Well as Evidence From Preserved Mammoths Corroborate the Bible

Eschatology #11: Giants In North America
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 08/03/14 (SS) Genesis 6:1-2 Ample Evidence of Giants Once Living in North America and the Reason for the Cover-up About It

July 2014

Eschatology #10: Spirituality
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/27/14 (SS)   Paradigm Shift is Evermore Away From God and Toward the Occult. Be Careful of Their Music, Colors, and Power Points.
Eschatology #9: Corruption Invading The Church
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/20/14 (SS) Romans 9:1

Sophia Worship And All Manner of Heresies Are Being Picked Up by Many Mainstream Churches (Contemporary Music Often Being the Earliest Divergence)

Eschatology #8: The New World Religion
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/13/14 (SS) Colossians 2:8-23 There is an Occult Revival in the World Today. All of the Old and New Mystical Religions Have the Same Common Source. Gnosticism is the Basis for the New World Religion.
Desire The Sincere Milk Of The Word
-audio mp3-
Eric Nafziger 07/06/14 (SS) 1 Peter 2:1-3 Exegesis Of One Sentence Of Scripture, Referencing The O.T. Story Of Saul And The Amalekites, Showing That All Means All And How Much Mother's Milk Is Like The Word Of God

June 2014

America In Perilous Times -audio mp3- David Vallance 06/29/14 (SS) Jeremiah 9:1-8 Review of How Nations Die and the Cycle of Democracy, Then--Our Hope

Eschatology #7: The World of Islam
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 06/22/14 (SS)   Muslims' Genealogy From Father Abraham and the Divergence of the Shiite and the Sunni Muslims
Eschatology #6:Messianic Jews
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/15/14 (SS) Acts 7:59 First, A Listen to the Unofficial National Anthem of Britain; Then, Two Disparate Views of Messianic Jews
Eschatology #5: Two Competing Authorities
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/08/14 (SS) Isaiah 14:12 Is the Bible the Source of All Truth or Must One Supplement the Bible With A "Higher Truth"?
What Spirit is Controlling You
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 06/01/14 (SS) 1 Peter 5:8-10 How Evil Spirits Can Affect Christians, Bodily As Well As Spiritually; Where They Are, How They Are Picked Up, And Partial List of Their Names

May 2014

Eschatology #4: Jews And Their Place In The World
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 05/25/14 (SS) Romans 11:1 One's World View Affects One's Understanding Of The Bible And Eschatology. Quick Look At Kabalism - Everything Outside Scripture Linked To One Another.
Promotion Sunday
  05/18/14 (SS)   Sunday School Classes Showing Their Past Year's Work and Promoting Their Graduates
Eschatology #3: The Error of British Israelism
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 05/11/14 (SS) Galatians 1:14 Tracing Over the Wrong Turn the Resulted In British Israelism and Looking Also at the Root Race Theory -- And the Number of Sects and Religions That Hold Certain Errors in Common
Eschatology #2: Oracles Of God Or Wisdom Of Ages
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 05/04/14 (SS) I Corinthians 10:32 Correct Eschatology Helps Determine One's World View

April 2014

Eschatology #1: Israelites/Jews
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/27/14 (SS) Daniel 9:24 Distinguishing Between Israelites and Jews So As to Understand God's Word with Regard to His Dealing With His People and How That Must Fit With His Coming Kingdom and the Saints Reigning With Him.

Abraham Saw His Day
-audio mp3-

David Vallance 04/20/14 (SS)

John 8:56
Genesis 22:1-2

Familiar Story Of Abraham Offering Isaac For A Sacriface, typograghy For God Giving His Son Jesus To Be The Sacrifice For Our Sin.
The Gospel of John, Part 4:The Eighth Miracle--New Beginnings
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/13/14 (SS) John 20:1-31 "New Beginnings" Is All Over the Name and Ministry of Jesus Christ; Reasons the Hamper the Jew From Believing
The Gospel of John, Part 3: New With the New Testament
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/06/14 (SS) John 11:23-24

The Revelation Available to the Old Testament Jews and the Culture They Grew Up With Was Strikingly Different From Some Further Revelations Given in the New Testament with Regard to Understanding the Resurrection, Marriage, and Washings/Baptism.

March 2014

The Gospel of John, Part 2: Israel's Condition
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/30/14 (SS) John 5:1-7 Miracles Three Through Six Demonstrating To Israel Her Condition Before God; Chapter 9 Doing So Most Powerfully
The Gospel of John, Part 1: Including Gentiles
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/23/14(SS) John 1:1 How and Why John Is Not Like the Other Gospels, and a Look at the First Couple of Miracles Narrated
Christology #8, Jesus, The I Am--Reasons To Believe
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 03/16/14 (SS) John 1:1 More Than Ever, In This Age of Deception With the Plethora of Religions All Offering Their Own Recipe of Occultism, the Acid Test Is: Whom Do You Say Jesus Christ Is? Series Conclusion.
Jewish Feasts Examined
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 03/09/14 (SS) Leviticus 23:2 Look at Passover Through Trumpets as Far As Types and Implications For Us In the Church Age
Jezebel, A Controlling Spirit
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 03/02/14 (SS)

Revelation 2:20-24
I Kings 16:30-31

How This Spirit of Rebellion Works and How Much Its Growing Up Around Us

February 2014

Christology #7, Message From the UFO's
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/16/14 (SS) II Thessalonians 2:10 Deception Is Not Just Coming, It's Already Here. Secular Study of UFO Abductees Shows Message and Mindset Consistent with United Nations Agenda
Christology #6, The Spirit of World Peace
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/16/14 (SS) Colossians 2:9 Review of Ancient Concepts of Spiritual Hierachies and the Overall Move toward Common Ground for treh Sake of World Peach
Christology #5, Peek Inside the Gnostic's Head
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/09/14 (SS)

Colossians 1:19
Colossians 2:9

Contrast With the Scripture Regarding Jesus' Fulfillment of the Godhead -- A Sketch of Philosophical Concepts of Monad and Emanating Aeons and Demiurges and So Forth: Esoteric Notions That Diminish Our Lord God and His Christ Squarely in the Face of His Exoteric, Revealed Word
Christology #4, Tempted Yet Without Sin
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 02/02/14 (SS Hebrews 2:18 Careful Look At Jesus' Temptation and Critical Difference Between His Temptation and Ours; "True Gnosticism" Defined By Self-Proclaimed Gnostic

January 2014

Christology #3,Ancient and Modern-Day Gnosticism
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/26/14 (SS) I Thessalonians 3:16 One Errs When He Does Not Accept the Bible and Looks For Knowledge Elsewhere. One Errs, Too, To Say That Salvation Is Not In the Bible and Seeks Enlightenment Instead.
Christology #2, Human But Not As Us
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/19/14 (SS) Hebrews 2:14 Important Distinction That Although Jesus Became a Man, He Never Had Man's Sinful Nature
Tale of Two Women
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 01/12/14 (SS) Ruth A Look at the Book and Story of Ruth As It Correlates So Precisely to Us in this Present Church Age
Christology Pt. 1: Heresy of Eternal Generation
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 01/05/14 (SS) Colossians 1:13-15 Jesus Is the Creator, He Is Not a Creature; He's Always Been, Never a Day When He Was Created. Examination of Relevent Scriptures and of the Old Heresy.

December 2013

Timothy Pt. 5: Reprobate Concerning the Faith
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 12/29/13 (SS) II Timothy 3:1-8
Firstly, Understanding New Testament References to Passages in the Old Testament That Have Additional Details; Then , Understanding "Reprobate"

Timothy Pt. 4: The House of God
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 12/22/13 (SS) II Timothy 2:19-20
Comparing the House of God to the House of Moses

Timothy Pt. 3: Rightly Dividing the Word
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 12/15/13 (SS) II Timothy 2:15
Rightly Dividing the Word of God Starts With Recognizing Basic Divisions Which God Has Built Into His Revelations; Errors About Rightly Dividing the Word of God Can Result in Heresies Such As Teaching That the Resurrection Is Already Past

Timothy Pt. 2: Light Through the Gospel
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 12/08/13 (SS) II Timothy 1:3-6
Verse by Verse Exegesis of Second Timothy 1:5-11, Touching on Various Unholy Spirits, What Is the Gospel, and Paul's Appointments to Specific Offices in the Church

We Need To Rebuild the Walls
-audio mp3-

David Vallance 12/01/13 (SS) Isaiah 5:20-23
Nehemiah 1-4
How Important Are the Walls of Separation! That We Stay Holy and Undistracted and Uncompromised by the World About Us


Timothy Pt. 1: Thy Unfeigned Faith
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 11/24/13 (SS) II Timothy 1:3-6 Verse By Verse Exegesis of Second Timothy, Detailing To Start With the Jews as the Chosen People for the Oracles of God

Daniel Pt. 4: Nephilim, Back Again
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 11/17/13 (SS) Daniel 2:43 Scripture Tells Us That -- "As In The Days of Noah" -- the Seed of Men Will Again Be Mingled With Something Unholy Spiritual; How It Might Be Accomplished, We Do Not Know.

The 144,000
-audio mp3-

David Vallance 11/10/13 (SS) Revelation 7:1-3 In the Seventh Chapter of Revelation Is a Second Account of the Tribulation with the Focus on Israel. Contrast of the Ourselves, Saints in This Age of Grace, and Tribulation Saints Described There

Daniel Pt. 3: Iron Mingled With Clay
-audio mp3-

Charles Lawson 11/03/13 (SS) Daniel 2:1 Further Examination of the Interpretation of the Vision of the Image and Delving Into the Question, What Is a Demon?


Daniel Pt. 2: Visions
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/27/13 (SS) Daniel 1:1 The First Vision of the Great Image Was Given to a Pagan, Although It Was Interpreted by the Prophet; the Second Vison of the Four Beasts from the Sea Is Not Interpreted by Scripture
Daniel Pt. 1: God's People in Exile
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/20/13 (SS) Daniel 1:1 Daniel, a Controversial Book, Tells of the First of Two Monarchs in All the Ages Which Decreed That God's People Should Have Their Homeland, and of the Reasurrance of Absolute Truth Which God Gave the Exiles in Babylon.
Arm Yourselves
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 10/13/13 (SS) Luke 22:36-38 Scriptural Support for the Second Amendment and Compelling Reason for a Dispensational View of the Bible.
The Coming Deceptioon -- Has It Already Started?
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 10/06/13 (SS) Genesis 3:4-5 "As It Was In the Days of Noah" -- Looking At That and Technological Advances and the Person of Nimrod -- How All of It Dovetails With Prophecies of the Tribulation


Times of the Gentiles, Fullness of the Gentiles
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/29/13 (SS) Revelation 22:16-21 Progression of Dispensations from Conscience to Human Government to Law to Grace Explains Many Otherwise Inscrutable Scriptures.
The Violent Take It by Force
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/22/13 (SS) Romans 11:17-18
Matthew 11:12
Speaking Separately of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God, Jesus' Own Words Elucidate the Words Penned by Paul of the Natural and Wild Branches of the Olive Tree, Broken Off or Grafted In
Mystery of the Church of Christ
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/15/13 (SS) Isaiah 6:9-10
Acts 28:25-27
The Long History of Promise and Emphasis on Separation to the People of God Make It Difficult to Accept the New Dispensation of Grace Without Distinction as to Race or Class
The Primary Job of the Church
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/08/13 (SS) Jude 1-4 Is to Discern Between the Holy Spirit and False Spirits, Else Error and Heresy Enter In and Grow. Truth Stands on Truth, Just as Scripture Written By Paul is Supported by Hebrews and Acts
Christology in the Anti-Paul Movement
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 09/01/13 (SS) Acts 15:5 The Hebrew Roots Heresy, a Burgeoning Movement, Springs From Discrediting Paul, Then Would Drag Us to the Mosaic Law and the Commandments


Transitions: Understanding Kingdoms and Baptism
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/25/13 (SS) Matthew 1:1 Sequel to Last Sunday's Teaching Showing Further How the Emphasis of the Gospel Message Shifted From the Jews as a Nation to the Gentiles Who Were Grafted In
The Gospel of John, Written That Ye Might Believe
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/18/13 (SS) John 1:1 John Is the Different Gospel In a Number of Various Points: Conclusively, It Has a Strong and Enduring Message of Salvation.
Each Part of Your Being Pt. 1
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/11/13 (SS) I Thessalonians 5:23 Looking To the Greek Text To Get a Better Handle on What The Scriptures Reveal of the Tripartite Nature of Man: Body, Soul and Spirit
Historical and Archaeological Sidebar
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 08/04/13 (SS) N/A Current Talk About a Purported Relic of the Cross in Turkey and a Piece of Pottery from King David's Era; Re-look at Lewis & Clark's Expedition and All of Western Hemisphere History As We've Been Taught


The Holy Spirit #8: The River
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/28/13 (SS) Genesis 2:10-15 Look at the Four Rivers Which Bound Eden (God's Land Grant to Israel) and Particularly the Nile, the Euphrates, and Jordan. To Be Continued.
The Holy Spirit #7: The Rain
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/21/13 (SS) Genesis 2:5 We Know the Rain To Be a Good and Blessed Thing. The Rain Can Also Be Sent in Judgment, As With the Flood. Spiritual Understanding of 'the Former and the Latter Rain."
The Holy Spirit #6: The Fire Pt. 2
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/14/13 (SS) Jeremiah 5:14 Added to Fire as an Emblem of the Presence of God, His Approval and His Protection; Addressing Also the Issue of "Strange Fire" and the Enigma of the Cloven Tongues of Fire in the Upper Room
The Holy Spirit #5: The Fire
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 07/07/13 (SS) Hebrews 12:18-29 God is a Consuming Fire, and Some of What All That Means as Drawn From Scriptural References


The Holy Spirit #4: The Olive Oil
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/30/13 (SS) Exodus 27:20-21 All About Olive Oil and the Extraction of It and the Significance of It in the Word of God
The Holy Spirit #3: Titles of the Holy Spirit
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/23/13 (SS) Exodus 30:22-38 The Scripture with the Recipe For and the Instructions Regarding the Holy Anointing Oil Is Also Instructive Regarding the Holy Spirit of God.
The Holy Spirit #2: The Seal
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/16/13 (SS) John 6:27 How It Is That We Are Sealed by the Holy Spirit and What It Means
The Holy Spirit #1: The Dove
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/09/13 (SS) Genesis 1:1-2 Straight Away from the Very Beginning of Scripture, the Holy Spirit is Represented by a Dove.
Ruth #3: Blood Feud
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 06/02/13 (SS) Ruth 3 The Third Purpose of the Kinsman-Redeemer Is to Be the Avenger of Blood, Which Concept is Well-Known and Commonplace World-wide BUT Which Jesus Re-addresses in Matthew 5:38


Ruth #2: The Kinsman-Redeemer
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 05/26/13 (SS) Ruth 2:1-12 A Gentile Woman Whose Relationship With Boaz Was Only Because of Naomi's Relationship With Boaz. Some of the Responsibilities of the Kinsman-Redeemer.
Curses and Allegories
-audio mp3-
David Vallance 05/19/13 (SS) Galatians 4:21-31 The Curse of Adam's Race; the Curse of Changing the Gospel of God; and the Curse of Rejecting God's Plan of Salvation. Allegories of Hagar & Sarah, Cain & Abel, Esau & Jacob, First Adam & Last Adam.
Another Spirit
-audio mp3-
Tony Wilson 05/12/13 (SS) II Corinthians 11:1-4 Third in Number of Messages by Tony from This Passage of Scripture: Considers, First, the Historical Examples of Another Spirit, Then Introduces the Current Free Grace and Grace Evangelical Society
Ruth #1: The Background
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 05/05/13 (SS) Ruth 1:1 Introductory Information on the Book of Ruth Including the Setting, the Placement in Israel's History, and the Relevance to the Genealogy of Jesus Christ


Promotion Sunday
(video only)

Charles Lawson 04/28/13 (SS)   Sunday School Classes Tell of Past Year's Activities and Reward Special Students
The Word of Truth
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson 04/21/13 (SS) II Timothy 2:15 Our God-Breathed Bible is the Basis of the Western Civilization as We Know It; History Lesson For Background on the Alleged Boston Marathon Bombers
Passover #2: The Eucharist
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

04/14/13 (SS)

Exodus 12:13
A Look at the Catholic Eucharist, Its Background and Significance to Them; and the Development of the Priesthood
The Jewish Wedding
-audio mp3-
David Vallance

04/07/13 (SS)

John 14:1-6
Armed With This Background Information We Can Enjoy Repeated Aha! Moments From Scripture and From the Revelation of God Regarding His Promises to Us.


Passover #1, God's Ordained Priests
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

03/31/13 (SS)

I Corinthians 5:7
The Passover, Feast of Deliverance and Redemption, Became the Lord's Supper, and All the Elements Which Identified Israel as God's Chosen People Were Come to Be Seen Entire in the Person of Jesus Christ
Lies That Are Destroying This Nation
-audio mp3-
David Vallance

03/24/13 (SS)

John 8:31-32

Common Things We Hear Said and Other Sentiments That Have Become Culturally Ingrained -- Things Which Are Contrary to the Scripture. So, Who Are You Going To Believe?

Go For More
-audio mp3-
Tony Wilson

03/17/13 (SS)

Luke 11:9-13 Most Christians Are Content Just to be Sealed by the Holy Spirit; But Only by Being Filled with the Holy Spirit Can One Have the More Abundant Life Which Jesus Promised -- Which Filling Is. Moreover, A Commandment of the Lord.
God's Description of a Wise Man
-audio mp3-
David Vallance

03/10/13 (SS)

Matthew 2:1-11 Thorough Outline of How the Magi from the East Had the Word of God and Believed It and Acted Upon It When the Jews Themselves Did Not Anticipate Nor Even Recognize Their King and Priest and Saviour at His First Advent
Cafeteria Christianity
-audio mp3-
Charles Lawson

03/03/13 (SS)

Acts 15:28-29
Galatians 4:9-11
Ample Authority -- And Not Just From the Writings of Paul -- For Not Laying All the Burdens of the Jewish Law Upon Gentile Believers; But Folks Anymore Do As They Themselves Think, and Pick And Choose At Will
The Fundamental Top 500